No matter which cosmetic surgeon you talk to they will tell you of patients they have operated on who were unhappy with their plastic surgery results. The cosmetic plastic surgeon thought they had a fantastic result, and the patient thought it was a waste of time and money.

These differences in the perception of cosmetic surgery results are based on multiple factors but may be a result of nothing more than the basic emotional makeup of our brains and visual systems and how they work.

Our emotional state determines our expectations, and our expectations in turn change with our daily feelings. If you get out of bed on the wrong side, you will see nothing but ugly; on a good day you are a god or a goddess! The levels of pain, your facial expression and your levels of stress in  daily life will all affect your perception of your cosmetic surgery results.

Our visual system is also open to manipulation by our emotional state, but also by its basic hard-wiring. In the video in the link below, follow the instructions on the page. Stare only at the cross in the middle of the faces of the two celebrities (a difficult thing for a human to do, as we are also wired to look at other human faces over almost any other parts). You will notice grotesque monsters form in front of you from the brain-morphed mixtures of popular celebrities and movie stars. This illusion comes from a process occurring in your brain. It only exists in your brain, and arises because of the way the two sides of the brain are interpreting the information given to them. Why do they appear grotesque? For some of us, it may be our emotional side mixing some envy in with the visual stimulus. For others, a psychiatrist will be able to tell you. Have some fun by clicking below:

Morad Tavallali, M.D., FACS