A few years ago the Flemish Government hired a firm to dissuade the public from going to google to look for their symptoms and signs. Invariably the results are ridiculous at best and only lead to confusion and unnecessary fear.

Here is a link to the Washington Post article that discussed this situation and google in 2014,


A few years ago I wrote about getting medical information from google and sources of medical information that are trustworthy. Here is a link to that blog.


Especially after cosmetic surgery, there are many normal aspects of healing that may appear strange or alarming not only to patients but even to most other physicians! Remember that cosmetic plastic surgery is a highly specialized field of surgery and even most general surgeons have never seen many of the procedures plastic surgeons perform.

If you have symptoms after cosmetic plastic surgery your best bet is to call the plastic surgeon’s office and discuss your concerns. A minute on the phone can save you hours and days of anguish when you speak to Dr. Google.

These days during the COVID 19 crisis many are turning to Google for information. Much of that information is also incorrect also so beware.

Morad Tavallali, M.D., FACS