4. Apply silicone cream or bandages to the scars

With many plastic surgery procedures or breast augmentations using a silicone or saline implant, the skin undergoes a fast skin expansion that applies a certain pressure onto the skin and onto the scar in particular. The stretched skin senses increased tension and scar formation sometimes becomes thicker or wider. These breast scars may need a revisional surgery to get a better scar.

Frequent scar massage and application of silicone creams or bandages will ensure your best possible result. Even if you don’t have silicone creams, simple massage with any lubricant will help get a better scar.

5. Expect variations in your healing rate

The two sides of the body are not the same and heal in different ways. There are differences in the rate at which swelling goes away and also in the rate at which breast implants “fall” into their normal position, a function of relative tension in muscles of the chest.

Remember that the perceived size of the breast may be reduced by as much as 30% from the first week. What looks too big the first week can end up looking too small in six months!

6. Expect variation between your two breasts

No one has two exactly identical breasts, and many patients have marked differences between the two sides. For example, in 80% of patients, the left breast is larger than the right! There’s no known reason—it’s just the way it is.

Breast implants tend to exaggerate differences that existed pre-operatively. It’s like placing the breasts under a magnifying glass—all the differences become more apparent. In time you will become used to this.

7. Don’t lose too much weight

Excessive weight loss after breast augmentation surgery can lead to thinning of the tissues of your chest and more of the implant becoming visible, including any rippling or contour irregularities you may have had but not noticed due to the thicker layer of skin covering the implant. This is one case where being a little chubby is to your benefit! Weight loss will also reduce the amount of breast tissue you naturally had to start with—you’ll end up with smaller breasts!

8. Don’t worry about breast implant rupture

Patients are constantly afraid that the breast implants will rupture or leak. Though this is a possibility, the rate of leakage or rupture is very small. Saline or silicone breast implants are designed to withstand a large amount of pressure. Having someone lie on top of you will NOT break your implants.
It is important to check for leakage of a silicone breast implant by having an MRI scan every two years. Silicone gel typically stays within the capsule and can be removed at surgery.
A rupture of a saline breast implant is obviously self-evident within a day! The saline water is absorbed by your body and you will pee it out!