All cosmetic plastic surgeries have some common factors that are important in the post-operative and healing periods. I have already talked about some of them in previous posts on this blog.
There are specific instructions to follow after breast enlargement/augmentation surgery that, in my opinion, are important for the best possible results.


1. Wear a supportive bra

Wearing a bra after breast augmentation helps with a number of issues:

– relieves swelling and pressure and provides comfort
– shapes the breast and supports the implant in the desired position
– protects scars

It is important to wear a sports bra 24 hours a day for several weeks after surgery until the breasts have fallen down into their normal position; they are typically high on the chest the first few weeks after surgery. Wearing an under-wire bra will keep the breasts high and prevent them from coming down. You may also want to go bra-less, but weight and swelling may cause discomfort.

Sleeping with your head up slightly will help decrease pull on muscles and therefore your pain.


2. Massage the breast implants

It is important to massage your breast implants after augmentation surgery. Within 48 hours of breast implant surgery, your body will start to form a capsule (scar tissue) around the breast implant. This capsule effectively secludes the silicone or saline implant from the rest of the body. With time, the capsule can, in some patients, begin to contract, leading to capsular contracture, or hardening of the breast. Massaging the breasts and moving the implant within the capsule will keep the contracture from distorting the breast implants. Your cosmetic plastic surgery staff should teach how to massage your breasts.

3. Delay exercise for two weeks

I tell my plastic surgery patients to get up and move around as soon as they feel like it after breast augmentation surgery. Moving the shoulders and neck muscles actually relaxes chest muscles, leading to a faster recovery and less pain. Walking is fine. However, you do not want to exercise the upper body for at least two weeks after surgery to prevent bleeding complications while the breasts heal. Nothing that makes your blood pressure rise! That causes bleeding. Try a nice little bike ride if you really must get out.


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