Harisu is a Korean transgender superstar


 Transgender Cosmetic Surgery

There was an article I read  about Chaz Salvatore, known to most of us as Chastity Bono, the daughter of Sonny Bono and Cher who was born in 1969 at the height of her parent’s fame. The little blonde girl is in the process of becoming a rather large man.

I have a number of transgender patients on whom I have performed cosmetic surgery. Without exception, they have been wonderful patients, and I am glad that I was able to help them in a small way on their journey to achieving transformation. It’s about a lot more than just dressing up.

My transgender patients have had it rough. Imagine all the usual problems that we each have in our daily existence and add to that society’s disdain for the transsexuals among us. Most of my patients have had to go through months of psychotherapy, hormonal therapy and, at some point in their life, ridicule and outright hostility.

When the transgender patient starts on the road to cosmetic surgery, they have already surpassed many of the emotional and psychological uncertainties they may have had about the transformative process. Nevertheless, cosmetic surgeries are divided into three main categories for transgender patients.

1. Facial surgery for transgender patients

This type of facial surgery includes feminizing or masculinzation of facial features, such as surgeries of the:


– making the nose smaller or larger via rhinoplasty


– cheek implants can make the male face more feminine; this is called malarplasty


– chin implants can make a female face more male; this is called mentoplasty


– reduction of the brow can help feminize a face

2. Body shape for transgender patients

Patients who are in the process of changing their bodies to match their minds and souls also have to deal with the realities of fat distribution based on their genotype. Males and females will store fat in different areas, and part of the cosmetic plastic surgery procedures involve redistribution of these fat stores

Breast surgery

Obviously, placement of breast implants in male-to-female patients and mastectomies in female-to-male patients can significantly alter body shape.

Buttock surgery

Making a buttock and hips smaller in female-to-male transgender patients helps to de-emphasize curves that are feminizing.
Liposuction and tummy tuck
These procedures are sometimes required to give more or less emphasis to body contour. A smaller waist, for example, can emphasize the hips and chest.

3. Genital surgery

The genital surgery is usually the last of the surgeries performed, and only a small minority of transgender patients actually undergo this last stage. The surgery is expensive and is only performed in particular centers where there is a team interested and committed to transgender surgery. The participation of a whole team, including a plastic surgeon, urologist, endocrinologist, psychologist and social workers is necessary for a successful outcome. This surgery is more than a technical procedure.
Cosmetic plastic surgery can help a transgender patient get a little closer to their goal of physical transformation. A well-trained cosmetic plastic surgeon is an essential contributor to the process. Patients should beware of charlatans and unscrupulous lay people who perform procedures that are dangerous, disastrous and irreversible.