The Wrong Cosmetic Surgery

All too often, the wrong cosmetic plastic surgery is performed. The surgery is wrong in the sense that it will not give the patient the desired result and may actually make things look worse. The reasons for the wrong cosmetic surgery can be summarized as:
– wrong recommendation by the surgeon
– wrong expectation of the patient

The cosmetic surgeon’s wrong recommendation

With so many doctors performing plastic and cosmetic surgery these days, I find that many patients are confused as to which procedure will be best for them.

All board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons are highly trained, and differences in recommendation reflect only a difference in experiences and techniques. I may have had a great result with abdominoplasty as the surgery of choice for loose skin in the belly, but Dr. X may have some hidden talents that allow him/her to create the same result with only a liposuction. Dr. X may be right, but I would not perform that surgery—I would recommend the one I believe will give my patient the best result.

Too often, doctors that are not fully trained cosmetic plastic surgeons, such as gynecologists and dermatologists, will recommend a surgery they feel comfortable with rather than the one the patient wants and needs.

The patient’s wrong expectation

The role of the patient is equally important in cosmetic surgery decision-making.

All patients want:

– the smallest scar
– the quickest recovery
– the least amount of discomfort
– the largest possible difference after surgery!

Obviously, these characteristics do not always go hand in hand, but the patient will have to judge the “risk-benefit” question for themselves and not be fooled into thinking that the greatest result will be attained through the easiest path. The realistic cosmetic surgery patient should be psychologically prepared for the possibility of touch-ups and revisional surgery even when in the best of hands.

If you avoid these wrongs, you will have a better chance of being left with all the right answers!