The “Alevar” tummy tuck

I have been practicing plastic surgery for twenty-one years. I go to the national and international conferences, read the journals and in general try to keep up with the latest techniques in my specialty of cosmetic plastic surgery. So, when the other day someone asked me, “Do you do the Avelar tummy tuck?” I felt embarrassed not to know what they were talking about! I googled it.
The Alevar technique of abdominoplasty
I turns out that the “Avelar” tummy tuck/abdominoplasty is a technique of what is commonly known as a mini tummy tuck.
A certain Dr. Avelar has recently reinvented the wheel, and now the wheel is called an “Avelar.”  The technique, as it is, is marketed to and performed  by “cosmetic surgeons”  who are not plastic surgeons. We’ve talked about this in the past.
In this technique, a liposuction of the abdomen is performed and the excess skin is then removed via a supra-pubic incision. This is a mini tummy tuck or dermalipectomty. See here:

Gimmicks in plastic surgery

The unsuspecting general public is a common prey for unscrupulous practitioners of medicine and surgery who continue to perform procedures for which they are not trained. There are always some who will believe in an advertisement for a new “wheel” as if they had never seen one before. Only after multiple cases of gross negligence will the state actually bother to step in and shut down their business. Adding a new name to a procedure will fool some people and lead to grief.

Plastic surgeons specialize in cosmetic surgery

Your best bet as a consumer of cosmetic plastic surgery is to go to a Plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery” and preferably one who is a “Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery.” In other words, a plastic surgeons who specializes in cosmetic surgery. Nothing else… no cosmetic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, dermatologic plastic surgeon, opthalmologic plastic surgeon, etc., will do. Those are all bogus, self-given names by “boards” that are not recognized by the controlling authority. Last month in Belgium, a law was passed that specifically prohibits doctors who are not plastic surgeons from performing plastic surgical cosmetic procedures. You have to be trained as a plastic surgeon to do plastic surgery—what an astounding idea. When will we in the US come to understand that, at times, basic common sense has some value?