Skin Fillers, Botox and Xeomin

Skin Fillers Botox, Xeomin

There are multiple options available for improving facial lines and contour with Skin Fillers and Botulinum toxins. These include temporary injectable fillers such as Belotero, Juvederm, Restalyn, Radiesse, and Sculptra. Botulinum toxins such as Xeomin and Botox are used to soften facial lines that are caused by muscle movements such as in the crow’s feet around the eyes and the brow area.

Xeomin, Botox, (Botulinum Toxins)

These materials are involved in the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Small injections of toxin, a neuromuscular blocking agent, paralyzes the muscles of the specific injection area for 3-4 months, preventing their movement, and hence preventing deepening of facial lines that occur as a result of the movement of such muscles. Typically, these areas are the crow’s feet on either side of our eyes, the glabellar lines between eyebrows, and horizontal forehead lines. They are also used to reduce the size of facial muscles and narrow the face. Tiny injections are quick and accompanied by temporary discomfort that is gone by the time the patient leaves the treatment room. Sometimes, due to anatomic variations, there is a temporary loss of activity of these areas and some drooping of the area. In the hands of an experienced surgeon, the likelihood of these events is very rare. Cost is per injection site and is pro-rated for more areas. Xeomin is the one I prefer these days due to its purity and decreased sensitization of our bodies.

Short Term Dermal Fillers

Belotero, Juvederm, Restalyn and other Hyaluronic Acid based skin dermal fillers come in single use 1cc syringes and are ideal for enlargement of the lips and filling of the ”smoker’s“ lines around the mouth. The results last for 6-9 months.

Long term Dermal Fillers

Radiesse is a dermal skin filler with a base of hyaluronic acid mixed with tiny specks of crystals found in our own bone, that allows the material to last longer before our cells break down the crystals. The results last for 1-1.5 years.

Sculptra is another type of dermal skin filler that is injected into a different layer of the skin and increases the volume of the skin by stimulating a reaction in the skin that allows it to thicken. It is usually injected into the cheek area to fill out hollow cheeks. The results last for 1.5-2 years.

Voluma  by Juvederm is also a skin filler for larger volumes such as are needed in the cheek areas to achieve fullness. It has the advantage of immediate results rather than waiting for the skin to thicken. Results last about 1.5 – 2 years.