Gynecomastia Surgery

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia  or its misnomer Gynocomastia, is the medical term for enlargement of the male breast and chest.  Gynecomastia surgery is the treatment for this condition. A surprising number of plastic surgery patients actually suffer from male breast enlargement. Gynecomastia occurs primarily in two main age groups; young men in their teens or 20s suffer from male breast enlargement, as do men in their 40s and above. The condition has a number of conditions that can cause it including genetic causes, drugs such as Marijuana, as well as hormonal factors. Older men under treatment for prostate cancer are prone to getting a particularly stubborn form of the breast enlargement due to estrogen therapy needed.

Gynecomastia surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure using liposuction. Ultrasound liposuction is particularly useful in this condition as there is a combination of breast tissue and fat that leads to the male breast enlargement. Ultrasound liposuction is particularly effective at removal of this combination of tissues. Although surgical excision techniques are available for Gynecomastia surgery, I have not had to resort to them in over 20 years; the whole point of the surgery – the ability to take one’s shirt off with confidence – is negated by having scars across the patient’s chest. With liposuction techniques, small scars no larger than 5mm are used to allow liposuction cannula placement, and are barely visible once healed.

The surgery is an outpatient surgery performed in about two hours. The cost of Gynecomastia surgery includes the surgical fee, hospital and anesthesia fees, and all the follow-up visits.

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