Arm Lift

Arm liposuction and skin excision

As we get older, there is a hormonal based redistribution of our body fat. This is particularly noticeable in women as they go through menopause and also occurs with patients who have had significant gain in weight. One of the most obvious areas of this type of weight gain is in the upper arms. Like the skin in other areas of the body where there is weight gain, there may be a stretching of the skin and subsequent skin laxity and droop that accompanies the increase in fat deposition in the arms. Arm lift is a cosmetic surgery that can improve the shape of arms that are too large and have droopy skin.

If there is only fat deposited in the arms, it can be removed with liposuction alone. Arm liposuction is performed with two small incisions in the elbow and armpit. A small tube is placed under the skin through which fat is aspirated. If there is enough elasticity of the skin, within a few weeks the skin will retract and you will have a great result!

However, if there is not enough elasticity or the arm skin is loose already, liposuction is not an acceptable or desirable procedure. In this case, it will lead to more looseness of the skin, and arms commonly known as “bat wings”. An arm lift should be performed to get a better result.

During arm lift surgery, extra skin is removed through an incision in the arm pits or axilla after liposuction. I prefer this arm lift technique which provides a hidden scar that is barely visible after a few months

Traditional placement of the scar along the whole length of the back of upper arm is an older technique I do not perform. This scar is visible with any short sleeved shirt, which defeats the purpose of the surgery- to let you show your arms.


Arm lift photo