Buttock enlargement

I have written in the past about my preferred method of buttock augmentation being to enlarge  buttocks with fat injection—the so-called “Brazilian buttock lift.” Here I will discuss silicone implants and buttock augmentation as another lesser option.

Brazilian buttock lift

I believe the Brazilian technique gives a superior result because:
  • buttocks are softer
  • patient has less pain
  • patient has faster recovery
  • there is less risk of infection
  • added benefit of liposuction in the waist and abdomen for a better shape

In some patients who are thin or do not have enough fat for liposuction and fat injection, your  cosmetic plastic surgeon must resort to enlargement of the buttocks using silicone implants. It’s not that this is a difficult procedure for a plastic surgeon or that there is more pain and risk associated with this surgery compared to the Brazilian method; it’s just that there is what I call an “MC Hammer” effect at play.

Mc hammer Cant touch this

mc hammerMC Hammer effect in plastic surgery

For those who are too young and have never heard of him, or those that are too old and cannot remember him, here is MC Hammer  (please click to view link) singing his famous song Can’t Touch This.
This is why I prefer the Brazilian method.  Silicone implants, even if a very soft polymer is used, are hard to the touch. They may look great, but you “can’t touch this”!Still, some plastic surgery patients may be too thin to have buttock enlargement by fat injections. These cosmetic patients can still get larger buttocks with silicone implants.

Buttock augmentation with silicone implants surgery

Silicone implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 1.5 hours. A vertical incision is made between the two buttock cheeks, and your plastic surgeon creates a pocket under  the gluteal muscles of the buttocks into which the implants are placed. In some cases, a little liposuction is also performed to round out the edges for a better contour.

After buttock enlargement with silicone implants

The cosmetic patient can go home the same day, and I tell my patients to lie on their side or abdomen for about a week to prevent the implants from shifting. Although walking is a little painful for a few weeks, patients can return to normal activities within a week. Exercise can be started in two weeks after surgery.
One caveat is that implants are usually placed under the muscle for best results, and the muscle is usually higher than the droop of the buttocks at their lower end. Your board-certified plastic surgeon cannot place the implant in the lower end of the buttocks where you might sit on it; placement of the silicone implants must be above the bones on which you sit!Maybe it does not feel soft, but the buttocks can still look good, round, lifted and plump.

Get a Brazilian buttock lift with fat injection to your buttocks if you have enough fat on your body.