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Any surgery has some level of pain or discomfort associated with it. After all, your body is being cut, pulled, probed, pinched, injected as well as other unpleasant things, all for the greater good that will come afterwards when you look and feel great.

Breast augmentation pain

After a cosmetic breast augmentation surgery, there are two types of pain patients should be aware of.

Normal post-breast-enlargement pain

This type of pain is the pain associated with the placement of a saline or silicone implant under the skin and muscles of the chest, and it is common to all breast augmentation patients.

Pain and numbness from the breast implant stretching the skin

Whether your breast implant is placed above or under your muscle, the skin of the chest is stretched by it. The sensation is initially like getting a very strong pinch, and soon thereafter, in a day or so, the pain subsides as the skin stretches out.

The stretching of the skin does have another effect on the nerves that run through the skin. Specifically, the fourth inter-costal nerve leaves your spine and travels under your arm to supply sensation to the  nipple and medial parts of the breast. The implant stretches this nerve out, and patients typically get a little numbness of the nipple and the inner part of the breasts. Sensation usually goes back to normal in a few weeks.

Pain from the breast implant stretching the chest muscles

This type of pain pertains to patients who have breast enlargement with an implant placed under the muscle—the way I perform almost all of my breast augmentation surgeries. The implant will stretch the muscle and initially cause spasms and cramps that will lead to pain. I encourage my patients to take Valium and other muscle relaxants during the first couple of days to improve this pain. The sooner the patient is up and moving about, the sooner the pain will disappear as the muscles return to normal functioning. Placing the implant over the muscle does not cause this type of pain, but the implant can sometimes be felt under the skin.

Pain from infection

In rare cases, less than 2% of breast augmentation procedures, the breast implant can become infected. When this happens, the swollen, red, warm breast becomes painful like any other infection, and treatment requires removal of the implant, antibiotics and re-augmentation at another time.

Unusual pain after breast surgery

Nerve pain

Not uncommonly, patients will complain of a burning or shooting pain along the distribution of the nerve going to the nipple. The initial stretching at the time of surgery can take a little longer to heal, and this type of neuralgia, or nerve pain, can last for a few weeks. Typically, massage, icing and anti-inflammatory medications help the pain. Lidocaine patches, a form of local anesthetic, can also help.

Sharp pains years after surgery

Some patients have an uneventful recovery but experience a haphazard sharp pain in the breast. This usually occurs after exercise or some other activity. Pushing on the area of pain can pinpoint its location. The cause is almost always a muscle that has been pulled or a breast capsule that has been torn. Both are self-limiting effects and improve with time.

Dull pain and enlargement of the breast

In some patients, trauma to the lymphatics, either at the time of surgery or afterwards from some activity, can lead to a seroma formation. This accumulation of lymphatic fluid around the breast implant can lead to an enlarged and painful breast. The liquid may resolve itself spontaneously, but it often needs to be drained.

Should you have any pains after your surgery, make sure you speak to your cosmetic plastic surgeon so they can prescribe you relief. Both you and your plastic surgeon want your post-operative surgery to be as comfy as possible.


  • Dana says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. I go in for BA surgery on April,11th and I am getting very scared of what to expect with the pain associated post op. My surgeon prescribed me Batrim and percocet 5mg. He is bring me from a 34B- to a 34D so now i feel alittle bit better on what to expect so thank you.

    • Hello Dana and I’m glad I could help. Make sure you ask your plastic surgeon if they would be comfortable giving you some valium also for the post operative pain. I have my patients alternate 5 mg of valium with a percocet every 3 hours while awake. That has really helped to reduce pain in my patients since most of the discomfort is a muscle cramp in the chest. Good luck with the surgery!

  • christine says:

    Its been a month now when I got my breast implant done 350 cc high profile silicone under the muscle, Im not sure if this is normal I am having pain in my left breast. ( like pinpoint in my nipple) the implant is moving and soft is it possible if this is capsular formation. My follow up is not till May 7, 2012.

    • Hello Christine and thanks for your question. A sharp pain in the breast is very common after breast implant surgery. It is usually the nerves that are shooting back into action and typically center on the nipples! As long as your breasts are soft and moving you are unlikely to have a capsular contracture so I would not worry about it but i would ask your surgeon when you see him or her in a few weeks. Regards. Dr. T

  • Lainie says:

    I am post op two weeks. I had 400ccs under the muscle and really love the outcome. About the only thing left that hurts is my skin. It doesn’t hurt but is extremely tender all over. Even my clothes rubbing against the skin makes things pretty uncomfortable. Is this the norm?

    • Hi Laini. I’m glad you are happy with your implants. The type of nerve pain you are having is quite common and goes away within a few weeks. If it is very annoying ask your surgeon for a prescription for lidoderm patches or other similar local anesthetic creams that will help take the feeling away. That has worked for my patients. Best of luck. Dr. Tavallali

  • tania g. says:

    I had my breast augmantation surgery 7 months ago, but my left breast still hurts. It feels like something is pinching my skin inside. It is just above the areola area. The pain is constant and annoying and my nipple area is very sensitive. I can’t really touch it without feeling some type of discomfort. I had a mammogram and ultrasound test last month, but nothing is showing, so my doctor can’t explain the cause of my pain. I also feel an uneven texture underneath the skin. Like a little bump or folding. However, as I said, nothing was shown on the exams. I really don’t know what to do. It is frustrating that my doctor can’t tell me the cause of my pain or what can we do to get rid of it. And that little unevenness on the top of my left breast worries me. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you very much!

    • Sorry to hear about the pain you are having- and it is strange indeed! As opposed to early pain in the breasts after augmentation, late pain is sometimes due to neuroma formation- nerves growing back in a tangle rather tahn in an orderly manner- The hard area you are feeling is probably scar tissue and should go away with time and massage. If the hardness is close to the incision, a nerve may be trapped in the scar tissue causing the pain- a little revision of the scar and release of the nerve may help that. If you have super sensitive nipples you may want to have your surgeon teach you nerve de-sensitization. You see, the nerves have grown back in a bad way and need to be retrained to give the normal sensations that a nipple is supposed to. So, touch the nipples with different materials to have the nerves learn the difference- use cotton wool, silk, your finger, anything that gives a different sensation. It may take a few weeks to a month or so but the nerves will eventually learn to go back to normal. I hope that helps- best of luck!
      Dr. Tavallali

      • Kadine, C says:

        Hi, I am in my second week after surgery. I have in silicone implants, my right 550cc and my left 500cc. I am feeling burning and tender sensation under both breast. I went to the surgeon and he said there were no signs of bacteria. Do you know what this could be?

        • Hi Khadine, the pain you have sounds like the type of pain patients get from nerves growing back after being stretched and cut during surgery. Lidoderm anesthetic patches can help the pain which will disappear in a few days. Ask your surgeon for a prescription for it other topical numbing cream till you feel better. Good luck, Dr.Tavallali

      • tania g. says:

        Thank you doctor Tavallali. I really appreciate your advice.

  • Kadine, C says:

    Thank you doctor! Do you know how long the burning will last. It has been 1 week now. It’s right under the crease of both breast, it is so uncomfortable I have to take the bra off because it hurt even more.

    • Maybe another week I’m afraid! Massage the area- or just rub the skin in the area for at least 5 minutes to break the nerve pain cycle- that seems to help. Ask your surgeon if he/she has any other tricks to make it go away. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Kadine, C says:

    Thank you so… much doctor. You are truly a blessing in disguise. I really and truly appreciate your assistance.

  • Kayleigh says:

    I had a BA 6 months ago. I went for 275s and went from an A to a D cup. I love the way they look but am concerned about the sharp shooting pains I still experience, 3-4 times a day. The pain normally lasts about 30 seconds. Is it normal to be experiencing these pains 6 months after surgery?

    My breasts feel soft but I do have a small hard area on the underside of my right breast- about an inch from my scar.

    Hope you can help, many thanks.

    • Hi Kayleigh- don’t worry! the shooting pains are the nerves that are coming back to life. The nerves to the breast for the most part come from your spine and need to regrow around to the front. As they do so they shoot out electrical jolts. You can help them along by massging the areas of the pain. It should end pretty soon. The hard area around your external scar is probably the internal part of the scar and should also improve, but as always… you sghopuld check with your surgeon to be sure. All the best
      Dr. Tavallali

  • Kelly says:

    I had a BA May 4, 2012. Day 7 stitches were removed. Day 10 post-op I ran a fever and immediately called my PS. Was seen the next morning by the nurse. In the office my left breast incision partially opened and a stream of yellow liquid (serous fluid) ran down my body. After sterilizing the area, the nurse used a steri-strip to close the opening. I was instructed to daily wash with anti-bacterial soap, dry the area compeletely, prescribed an antibiotic, and told to monitor any leakage – I had small amt of daily leakage for 5 days, but it all stopped. Was seen 3 days and then 7 days later by my PS to monitor healing of the infection. Saw my PS two weeks later, now 1 month post-op, there was no sign of infection, but significant contracture had set in. Left breast was hard and round. Was told by my PS to massage my breast, but I may need a follow-up surgery to break up the scar tissue in the breast cavity. Five days later (now 1 month, 5 days post-op), I had a sciatic nerve flare up (unrelated to the BA). I called my GP and asked for prednisone to alleviate my leg pain (NOT KNOWING WHAT I NOW KNOW that I should have discussed with my PS and GP) because prednisone blocks healing and would effect the healing of my left breast. I just thought it was simply going to help my leg pain. Finished my predisone, and was on narcotics for 2 additional weeks for pain. Four days after finishing the narcotics (this past Saturday, June 30th, now 1 month, 3 weeks post-op), I started feeling really poor, nauseated, exhausted, but no temperature. The lower-half of my left breast was warm/hot to touch, tender, pink in color, and there was a rather large reddish ring around my incision line. The incision line itself was a strange blue/grey color. I immediately called my PS, placed on an antibiotic, and scheduled to see my PS in the office on Monday, July 2 – now 2 months post-op). On Monday, two days ago, I scheduled an appt with another well-respected PS, I’ll call PS#2, just prior to my visit to my PS, for a second opinion. PS#2 said the breast looked infected and the blue/grey incision line (1cm wide by 2 inches long) was very thin and could break at any moment. She said the implant would need to come out, wait 6 months, and possibly place back if my health was not compromised too greatly. She said because of the prednisone I took, there was possibly hidden infection behind the implant and who knows what else occurred. Next, I went to see my PS. He lanced the incision site, took a culture and stated he saw no infection. He stated this Friday, July 6, (if my incision line doesn’t break before then) he wants to remove my implant, clean out the breast cavity, break-up the scar tissue, cut out the blue incision line tissue (he said the tissue was thinned by the prednisone and the implant was laying on the incision, cutting off oxygen, causing it to turn blue) put in a new implant if the current one is infected, and close me up. My PS knows I took prednisone, I told him myself. I’m thinking… WOW. That was NOT what I was just recommended by PS#2. I am worried my PS is rushing to restore my implant hastily and I am questioning his judgment, which makes me feel distrust. He made NO mention of waiting on the culture results, but only he is going to “fix this problem”. I called my PS office yesterday (Tues, July 3) and stated I want the culture results faxed to me prior to Friday’s surgery. As much as I would like to have my problem “fixed”, I am much more concerned for my health. I would appreciate your feedback.

    • Dear Kelly- so sorry to hear about your problems- Bad luck I’m afraid. The risk of wound complications in the immediate post operative period is only 2%! As for your treatment, everything has gone correctly up to now. All plastic surgeons have had patients with the same scenarios that you have had. As for your next step you are correct, in my opinion, about making sure the culture results are negative and to expect to have the implant removed and NOT placed back in if there is any sign of infection. I usually wait 3 months after implant removal to have the implant put back in and a capsulectomy (scar tissue removal) performed. If there is no sign of infection (and you have not been on antibiotics- so you need what is called a “gram stain” to check for bacteria in the breast capsule) then the implant can be replaced. If there is any sign of bacteria in the capsule I would take out the implant and wait.I’m sure your plastic surgeon will do the same despite wanting to help you and get you over this asap.
      Good luck to you !

      • Kelly says:

        Dr. Tavallali, thank you so much for your input! It is GREATLY appreciated as I need feedback that I am choosing the best course of action for my health. I need a little clarification about what you said and have additional questions. You stated you typically wait 3 months before replacing an implant. So if you had a patient with a story like mine (had been on prednisone, had an infection, and let’s say the culture came back negative – no infection), would you remove the implant (I’m assuming clean out the chest cavity) and then replace the implant three months later and perform the capsulectomy at that time if all tests were clear? You don’t typically remove, perform a capsulectomy and replace an implant in a scenario like mine? Also, is a “gram stain” performed prior to surgery?

        • Kelly says:

          I need to add for clarification, you don’t typically remove, perform a capsulectomy and replace an implant in the same surgery, with a scenario like mine – (prior symptons of infection, etc.)

          • If your plastic surgeon is sure that you have no infection you can do the surgery at one time. If there is a question it might be more prudent to wait. In your scenario I typically wait 3 months before doing the surgery again. Of course you must be off the prednisone. A gram stain is a test that can be done during surgery to see if there are any bacteria in the breast pocket. You actually look under a microspcope to see them. There may be bacteria there but they may be dormant due to the prednisone and antibiotics you have been on and so will not grow when the sample is sent to a lab, giving you and the surgeon a false sense that there is no chance for an infection. If there is any doubt I would wait!

  • Kelly says:

    Your opinion has helped me make a decision. I am NOT going to put the implant back in. It is not worth the risk of my health. THANK YOU so much!

  • Kelly says:

    Well the culture came back. My antibiotic was changed from Keflex to Augmentin. The nurse said I needed to be on another antibiotic to treat the infection. My surgery is set for tomorrow. I am wondering what to expect. What is recovery like? Will I need to have a drain? In my scenario would you do anything else besides removing the implant? I’m assuming clean out the chest cavity? Could I be hiding an abcess? If so, what would that mean for recovery? Could I have damaged tissue which needs removing?

    • Hi Kelly I replied early this morning but somehow it didn’t post! In any case sounds like you are the mend. The surgeon will take out any infected tissues but usually just removal of the implant is enough to clear up the infection. The wound may be left open or he/she may decide to put a drain for a few days based on what is going on inside. you will have very little pain after this surgery (unless some muscle needed to be removed) but should be ok in a couple of days. Best of luck and get well soon.

  • Kelly says:

    My left implant was removed Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I experienced a pretty strong burning pain postoperatively while in the recovery room. I was given a shot of demerol and it helped manage the pain. I took a pain med that night and the next morning, but since that time I haven’t needed any. Yeah! I’m starting to feel better. I just want to let my body heal. My PS did place a drain tube in, which will be removed on Monday. The drain tube does hurt some. My surgical bra lays tightly over the tubing entrance, thus the tubing sort of cuts into my skin and it is uncomfortable. I can also feel the tubing under my breast skin as it curves around the top outline of my breast. Is that normal to have the tubing lay around the top?

  • Elizabeth says:

    I had my BA June 20, 2012. I got 655cc HP under muscle. I went that large due to having 4 children and breast feeding I needed them filled in, needed no lift..he went through my breast fold. It’s been a little over 2 weeks and my right breast feels great…Its my left that has been giving me all the problems, sharp pains, burning on the top part of my breast and on the lower where my breast fold is. It triggers if I’m out and about or just doing simple household chores almost starts right away. The massages and exercises help and it pretty much goes away. I am very nervous, I go back to work in a day and I have the type of job that requires heavy lifting, on my feet long hours ,10hr days….I don’t know what to do! The simple things I do around the house makes my left breast burn and hurt, I’m afraid to lift anything heavy I want to heal and have no problems in the future..what would be your suggestion? Or can I start to lift? Heavy to me is 20-50lbs? I have always been fit, and have always been in good health. I haven’t been to the gym yet because I want to heal and not try to do things too soon.. But my body is very used to activity and lifting. Would it pro-long my healing if I go to work and do all of these thing?

    • Hello Elizabeth and sorry to hear you are having the pains. They are actually quite common ( see the answers to the questions above in the blog). No worries though ; the pain and burning is typical nerve pain from nerves that are coming back to life. They may be more on one side than the other because the muscles are different on each side and the breasts may have been of different sizes to begin with. Some of the pain may be from muscle cramps in the area of the surgery. As you have seen, massage really helps and usually the pains go away by themsleves. In some cases you may want to ask you plastic surgeon for a Lidoderm patch- local anestheic patch- which can provide temporary relief. Going to work is something I encourage my patients as movement is essentially massage of the muscles but you really should check with your surgeon to make sure there is nothing else going on.
      All the best!

  • Brooke says:

    I had my BA one week ago 7-2-12 and my PS decided to go 550cc subglandular. I have been reading the pros and cons and I am concerned about losing weight, sagging because of a larger implant, and just the higher maitenence. I would like to add that I wanted 450cc and my PS said for my body structure the bigger one would be better. Can you offer any insite on why a PS would place such big implants subglandular? I am 5’2 175lbs and breastfed two babies.

    • Hi Brooke- placement of implants above or under the muscles is based on a number of factors including surgeon, preference, patient preference, and most importantly breast and body shape. If your surgeon placed such large implants (and they are on the larger side) I assume you must have had flat (empty) and droopy breasts that needed the volume. Placement under the skin would technically help with the droop. However be sure you wear a bra often or you may end up needing a breast lift in the future as the weight of the implants stretches your skin further. Good luck

  • Beth says:

    I had my BA on June 8, 2012, so I am 1 month 8 days post-op. I had 650cc saline submuscular placed to bring my back to my pre pregnancy size. My right breast has become to feel as it is my own. My left, on the other hand, has some burning/stinging sensation on the inner side, feels alil bit harder but has good movement, and the area of my niple has no sensation upon touch. Most concerning to me, when I am lay down on my side my left breast hurts. Please help!

    • Hello Beth- Don’t worry! Often the two breasts are different is shape and size. You may have had more fluid placed in the breast that is firmer and is hurting as the skin and muscle on that side is being pulled out more. Numbness is also something that can take a few months ro come back. I would continue to sleep on your side (and though it might hurt initially) think of it as stretching your muscle and skin out; that will decrease the pain eventually- just like if you hads a sore leg muscle. Here’s hoping you feel better soon!

  • Jennifer says:

    I had breast implants put in about a year ago and now i am 5 months pregnant, my nipples have always been a little tender but for the last two months my nipples hurt constantly and are very hard. I have been pregnant twice before the implants with no pain in my nipples, could this pain be from the implants???

    • Hi Jennifer and congrats on your pregnancy! It’s unlikely that the pain you are having is from the implants. Much more likely that it is due to your breasts getting larger (engorged) with the pregnancy. As the breasts get larger they pull on the nerves and give you the sensations you are having. In my experience the sensations usually go away by themselves in a few weeks. I tell my patients to massage the nipples and apply moisturizer to them, the rest of the breast and their belly during pregnacy to minimize the risk of stretch marks. If not better soon you should see your physician for follow up. All the best!

  • April says:

    I have had my implants for a year now and I got 400cc. my left one always gave me an issue, as far as pain. I started wearing a bra and noticed the pain went away. I figured the pain is probably due to the weight of the new breast. This week the pain returned. It feels like a buring, annoying pain, and is constant. I was feeling my breast and it felt like something was purtruding. If i pushed on it, it went in, but popped back out. I moved the breast and the bump moved to another side. Today its gone, but i’m still in pain. Im not sure if it was the bag? I’m concerned cause i dont want an issue. The breast looks the same as the other one. no changes that way. oh yes, I also went back to working out past 2 months, so I am unsure if that is playing a role in it?

    • Hello April. feeling a change in the breast area is not unusall after going back to exercise. You may have stretched or torn the capsule (scar tissue around the breast) and that is why you have pain and feel things that were not there before i.e. the implant! You will want to see your plastic surgeon to have an imaging to make sure your implant(if silicone) is not ruptured- If you have saline implants you are probably feeling the implant moving around. I would stop exercise till you find out what is going on. good luck!

  • nada says:

    I am 9 months post silicone breast implant insertion. I have been experiencing tightness around both breast but more so around the left breast where the silicone implant was placed. I also experience a constant pain in the certain of my chest that does tighten up every so often. I am not sure if this is typical so I had not made plans to contact my plastic surgeon. If it is normal I just want to know how long until I am totally pain free? I have been living with some kind of breast pain since my mastectomy in 2008.

    Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.

    • Hi Nada. After a reconstructive surgery for breast cancer the types of pains patients have can be varied and multiple as the surgery is much more complex than a cosmetic breast augmentation. The tightening you describe may be due to capsular contracture setting in; a condition where the muscle fibers in the scar around the implant tighten up. This is quite common after a reconstruction with implants. Your surgeon may place you on Accolate- a medicine that helps this condition. If that is the cause the medicine helps within 1-2 months; but… you may need another surgery to remove the scar tissue if it continues to cause pain. Good idea to see your surgeon at this point!
      Good luck, Dr. Tavallali

  • Louise says:


    I’m 3 days post op (375cc silicon unders) and been on valium, cocodamol and antibiotics as have a very slight infecion but pain is pretty unbearable every time I move. Medication doesn’t seem to be working that well as still wake up after valium and cocodamol not strong enough. Whole chest is very tight, both breasts are swollen, although differently, and sharp stich/stabbing pains all over if I try to move, especially my arms.

    I’ve been told this is normal but I don’t know anyone else who’s been completely immobile! I can’t get up on my own, make myself a drink, pull pants up after toilet, etc. Is that normal? I had small breasts before but surgeon said I had a lot of breast tissue so don’t know if that has anything to do with it.


    • Hello Louise- sorry that you are having discomfort. The pain after a breast augmentation is two fold- 1-Muscle pain which feels like a charlie horse in your chest; solution= move your neck and shoulders around; move your arms and if you can your breasts ( hurst a bit at first) Once the muscle cramp releases you’l feel better. The valium and pain meds will help that also. If you don’t move the pain persists ; so…move!
      2. Nerve pain- the sharp pain you are feeling may continue on and off for several months. Not much to really do there; They will go away on their own.
      You’ll get better soon. Best of luck, Dr. Tavallali

  • K Michelle says:

    I had an augmentation revision in late June 2012 on my right breast due to an offcenter midline (PS moved implant in) also it was a bit higher before so I asked him to cut the pocket to lower it a little which he did. He gave me exersizes to do to keep the pocket open where he cut on the lower side (because my implant seemed higher and tight PS said it will drop over time and was uneven since other implant wasn’t touched) and I have been doing them as well as wrapping ace bandage above implants to promote the stretching. Question is can I over do this? I don’t remember how long it took my implants to relax the first surgery and I am afraid that once the right side drops it will end up lower as its still a little tight and slightly higher right now. Also to add in the last few days I feel it has softened but I am also having dull pain I assume where the muscle was cut maybe nerves restoring as scar tissue decreases?

    • Hello Michelle. I would not worry about “overdoing it” unless you have thin skin. Patients with thin body habitus run the risk of the weight of the implant pushing down on the lower part of the breast and lowering the “infra-mammary line” or the line where your breast joins your ribs. I would ask your surgeon if you run the risk. In general though sounds like you are doing everything you can to prevent a recurrence of the scar tissue build up and the pains you are having sound normal.

  • Adrienne says:

    Hi All,

    I am six days post-op and so far feeling okay. I opted to have cohesive gel implants placed under the muscle, with a larger implant on the right to correct asymmetry. While my right side has been doing great (minimal pain), my left breast particularly around the incision area is in agony. Especially when making the transition from lying down to sitting, I experience a sharp, stabbing pain in the incision area. This pain does not respond to pain killers…which I have been religious in taking. For the past two days, I have started to develop the chills and this morning I noticed that the skin surrounding the incision site has started to become inflamed. Any advice as to whether this is ‘normal’?

  • Amelia says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am two days post op and experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort- a lot more than I expected 🙁
    I am on co-codamol and I am allowed to take 8 in a 24 hour period. This is NOT enough, I am waking up during the night every two hours in a lot of pain both on my breasts and with severe upper back ache and am finding it really hard going.
    Is there any pain relief that you would recommend that could have more of an effect as this really does not seem to be working for me,


  • Friendly scot says:

    Hello,I have just stumbled across your website and am looking for some advice if possible 🙁
    I had an uplift and implants 6 years ago and the implants were far too high,if I tensed my muscles they were up at my collar bone! I also developed cc,I then found out I had pip implants. The implants were removed at the end of June and I now look so much better 🙂

    Now both breast look fine,my left is nice and soft,no problem what soever but my right feels firmer,I am getting sharp shooting pains in it and am very worried that I am developing cc again,the implant moves around ok. The area I had cc/big lump of scar tissue in before is now near my nipple area and under,as the implant is now in correct place(I don’t think I’m explaining it very well)
    Does that sound like cc? Both breasts look ok,and I am massaging regularly I am also worried about the pain. If I lift something heavy my right side is sore and also when reversing my car. Because my right implant feels firmer and is closer to the skin I am thinking maybe I have fluid underneath:( it is very distressing and I don’t know what to do for the best!

    • After secondary breast surgery the usual patterns of pain and healing that occur with the first surgery become unpredictable. Capsular contracture pain is usually generalized and not in just one area as you describe. Firmness may be due to more fluid on one side than the other if saline or just thinner skin. Bestntonseenyour surgeon and get checked. You may need to start Accolate to help prevent cc. Good luck,

  • amanda says:

    I had a BA 10 days ago….I’m honeslty feeling amazing! My right breast has all sensation back although my left was does not I’m not too worried since I’ve read this is normal and can take some time to return. The thing that I’m wondering is my left breat is a little warm to the touch…warmer than my right….I’m not having any pain and the incision looks like its healing well….should I be worried about an infection?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Amanda. Infection is always a possibility early on the post operative phase and warmth of the skin an indication. Ifbthenwouns or breast becomes red and painful or if there is any seepage call your surgeon at once. Otherwise it is common forgone breast to be warmer than the other during healingn as blood flow patterns Change , but be vigilant!

  • Kris says:

    I had my surgery last Thursday August 23, 2012 and during the first week I have seen my breast go down on the swelling and feel less pain. Yesterday august 29, I had Avery big sneeze and since then my pain increased dramatically and also they are swollen again. Not hot or red but they are more painfull then the first week post op. I went from 32 aa to 34 b+ / -c with nattrelle 15/ 336, under muscle. Can you give me an advise to why it has changed its course?

    • Hello Kris- After breast surgery the muscles in your chest are tight and their tensions change due to the implants. A sudden sneeze or cough can pull on them while they are still sore and cause pain. It should get better again in a few days. If not see your surgeon for some medications.

  • Kris says:

    Thank you for your fast response! All I want is everything to go smooth and well and seeing that swelling came back it worried me. Also sharp little nidle pains but I assume is due to nerve reconnecting . Thank you again, and how awesome and thoughtfully of you to take on this worries and questions we all have regarding this procidure.

  • Erika says:

    I had BA about 2 years ago. After a few mOnths I started to experience pain in the right side of my breast. Turns out I had a capsular contraction and had surgery to fix it. A few months after that I started to experience the same thing, hardening of the breast but no pain so, I left it alone . My issue now is my left breast, it has been hurting for the past 2 weeks a non stop pain. I tried taking advil and other pain relive medication and nothing seems to help. I can’t pin point where it hurts because it seems like is the whole breast and my back ? Plz help I don’t know what it could be . My ps is in another state makes it very hard to get his opinion .

  • Erika says:

    I also forgot to mention that I’m also experiencing pain in my left arm and shocks around my nipple .. The left breast and arm hurt a lot . I can’t even sleep . Please tell me what could be causing this pain after 2 years post op . Also, I had mention my capsular contraction to my left breast , is it safe to leave it alone if it does not hurt?

    • Hi Erika- first if you have pain in the left arm you have to see a doctor to make sure its not angina- pain form lack of blood to your heart! Assuming that your heart is OK the pains and symptoms you have may be from capsular contracture- scar tissue- around your implants. Not a dangerous thing but if it causes pain you should see a plastic surgeon to remove the scar tissue and replace the implants. Another possibility may be that you have developed cysts in your breasts as the cause of pain- totally unrelated to your implants. You really should plan to see a plastic surgeon to help sort it all out. Life is too short to be in pain if you can avoid it! Good Luck!

  • Stacy says:

    I had a BA about a month ago and got 420CC under the muscle. Just recently I noticed a slight indentation on my right inner breast. It feels as if I have a knot in my muscle. The muscle gives me a slight pain in that area when I do my massages pushing them together and it feels as if the muscle jumps in that one spot like a knot in your back would do if you were massaging it out. Is this anything to worry about? What should I do to fix this problem. Thank you for listening!

  • Jamie says:

    Hi! I had ba in November of 2012. I am about 9-10 months out. Off and on I have experienced pain and sensitivity in my right nipple. It doesn’t hurt if I am not touching it but it is very painful to touch. I am also about 6 weeks pregnant, but the pain and sensitivity was occurring before this as well. I do think it is a little worse now. Should I be worried? Thanks!

    • Dear Jamie- congratulations! Pain and sensitivity in the nipple is not uncommon after breast augmentation. The nerves someties do not reconnect properly and you get hypersensitivity. You can try re-educating the nerves by rubbing the nuiplles and breast with different textures of things- a feather, velvet, cheescloth, coarser papers – anything that teaches the nerves to pass the stimuli correctly. In rare cases where this fails, you may need to have a neuroma- a collection of tangled nerves- removed through a small incision. During pregnancy the breasts swell and the symptoms become worse. But you should not worry. Just have your surgeon or gynecologist check the breasts out next time you go in for a visit and remmember to take extra vitamins and folic acid for your baby!

  • Crystal says:

    I am 1 month and 4 days post op. I got 425cc silicone implants on both sides. I felt great about 2-3 weeks after surgery, but gradually began noticing some pain/discomfort on my left side. The discomfort is now almost constant while I’m sitting or standing upright, however, when I lay down on my back, it seems to almost go away. Once I get back up again, it returns after a few minutes. It also hurts really bad if I pull up on my left breast, even just pulling slightly. The pain is in the upper inner quadrant of my left side. The right side feels completely normal. I don’t have a follow up appt with my ps for another 2 weeks. Should I try to see him sooner? I can’t tell that there is any swelling in my left side and it doesn’t look any different than my right, maybe just a little firmer. I would describe the pain as if you have a really severe bruise and pressure being placed on the bruise, especially if I lift up even slightly on the left side. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

    • Its difficult to diagnose the cause of pain that is not the usual type of pain afetr breat surgery. It may be just a muscle cramp but one is always afraid of infection. Specially if all is well and a pain occurs later in your healing you need to look for a cause- Did you start exercise? Lift anything heavy? It’s probably best to see your surgeon a little earlier than you had planned if the pain does not get better in 48 hours or so.

  • Aspen says:

    Hello, I had a BA Nov/2011 I asked my ps for large implants and received 427cc silicone hp under the muscle… They look amazing! I can even do cool tricks with the muscle now! But my scars are uncomfortable, very tender and sometimes intense itching. I believe I have hypertrophic scarring which I totally expected due to other scars that Ive had in the past. My ps suggested using mederma post op and I did for a month or so but didn’t see a difference ans discontinued. I still have sharp pains from time to time in both of my breasts, I thought would’ve cleared up by now. My nipples are extremely sensitive now especially when I’m ovulating the pain unbeareable and I have to walk around without a shirt or bra at home. Also the scars are painful, is all of this normal after almost one year post op? I also just purchased a silicone gel ointment called scarfade, for my scars do u think this will help?

    • Hi Aspen- what a lovely name!
      At a recent conference I saw a study about Mederma. Mederma ( made from onions I believe) is the number one doctor reccomended scar treatment. Guess what? The study showed it DOES NOT WORK!! so much for doctor reccomendations!
      Silicone gels and tapes however do show some benefit and are infact the only materials that are known to help scars so continue with your scar fade. If the scars are still itchy and painful and you have tried having your plastic surgeon inject them with steroids and 5-fluorouracil to flatten them and they are still there, consider having them revised ( cut out and having the healing process start again). Often that helps.
      Massage the scars. that also helps.
      Good luck

  • Aspen says:

    Thank you so much, I knew I was right about that Mederma! Still one more question: are the sharp pains normal at this point, I assumed that I’d be done healing by now… O and the name grew on me… I hated it as a kid, kids are cruel.

  • maranda says:

    Hi, I am exactly 7 days post op. I have an appointment with my PS this Friday. I have some bruising and swelling on my sides that I’m not too concerned about and hoping will go away soon. I also have a spot underneath my right breast that doesn’t look bruised bug is extremely sensative to the touch as if there were a really bad bruise there. I can’t massage the area there because it is so painful. Is this something I should be worried about?

    • Hello Maranda. i wouldn’t worry too much about pain in that area so soon after surgery. You probably have that pain from the separation of the muscle from the rib in that area and it should go away in a few days to a week. If the area is red or warm go see your surgeon at once since an infection would not be good. Good luck!

  • Christine says:


    I had a BA at 18 years around July/Aug 2004. Saline, under the muscle, and approx. 150cc in the left and maybe 200 in the right? Honestly I cant remember but I went from a 36C to a 36D after surgery which settled to a 36DD a year or two later. So I had a good amount of fat, but got them to enhance the shape and upper fullness.

    I’ve always been pretty active, but took a good few years off from true weight lifting after high school for other activities such as running, yoga, spinning etc. I started with a more rigorous workout routine (plyometrics/calisthenics) this May/June.

    This summer (say June/July) I was doing some sort of standing/benf forward row exercise and I could have sworn, as I was lowering my arms I felt/heard a “pop” from my outer, left breast. I had my headphones in though, so wasnt sure of what I heard/felt.

    Since then, I’ve felt this off and on dull tightnes in my left breast, and if I puff up my chest (which I used to do regularly without pain to crack my upper back) I feel a tighter pain which seems to extend from behind my nipple and around under the left breast. I also feel a bit more tenderness on the lower/outer part of the left breast.

    Simply standing isnt painful, but the stretching up/puffing chest is consistenly causing this tight/sharp pain… am I finally getting capsular contracture? With the natural fat of my breast, I can’t feel any hardening… however, I dont want to wait any longer. What should I do? Can regular massaging even help at this point? better standing or lying down? bra type? Medication? I guess I should see a PS? Ive moved accross the country from the original surgeon though.. I’m really nervous I’ll have to have another surgery!!

    Thank you,

  • Christine says:

    Other thought – I read about rupturing the “capsule”.. this is the muscle pocket formed arount the implant? Should I look into getting an MRI to see if this is the case? Other options?

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Christine- sounds to me like you have made a great self-diagnosis! Often after an exertion of some sort, the capsule around the breast can pop (break) causing pain and a new feeling of the breast. This rupture of the scar tissue may displace the implant and cause pain. The scar will then start to heal again and … it may heal as a contracture. I would see a plastic surgeon to start you on medication like Accolate or Singulaire to try to prevent any scar contracture and any subsequent needed surgery.
      Keep massaging the breast also but go see a board certified plastic surgeon!

  • Ash says:

    Hi. I am 9 days post-op and I just had a few questions. Is it normal to feel like uncomfortable like they don’t belong in you? I feel so awkward?? Also my right has most feeling just a tad numb at bottom. Then left side is pretty numb on bottom and nipple. Then the top skin is super sensitive even to clothes?? I get awful back pain since day 6 after walking aroun a lot. Is this normal?

    • Hello Ash. The short answer is yes! All normal. It will take a few days more for your brain to accept your new body! The numbness is also normal and due to the stretching of nerves. That will get better in a few weeks to months. Good luck with the recovery !

  • Pam says:

    I had BA 16years ago. I am experienceing sharp pain that runs from the top down to the center of my left breast. It doesn’t hurt constantly but when the pain come’s it definitely gets my attention. I noticed the pain started after I had been bounced around for a few hours(riding a tractor). It doesn’t feel any different. I’m just not sure if the pain is telling me that there my be something wrong.

    • Hi Pam-
      As long as your breast is not hard or hardening I would not worry as it is probably due to muscle stretching from your bumpy ride! If you get breast hardening though, the pain may be due to capsular contracture and you should see a plstic surgeon.
      All the best

  • Arie says:

    I am 15 days post op with 375cc sub-muscular silicone to correct small tubular breasts. Following my surgery, my PS notified me that my muscles were extremely tight and in order for the implant to drop, a more aggressive massage therapy is needed. I have been massaging religiously, 10x a day, as instructed without results. My implants have not dropped and my breasts look and feel like cones. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Arie It’s still very early in your post op course for you to worry. Continue massage. (I recently posted an instructional video on that in this blog within the past 2 weeks). Then , WAITE! It may take up to 4 months for the implants to fall into place. Dr T.

  • Katy says:

    I hope you can try to shed some light in my problem I had my implants 4 years ago and I have not been pain free for one day i had 2 diffrent sized implants to even out my breasts but the bigger one hurts so much iv got no feeling in the skin around it and my nipple has never worked since opp iv tried everything I’ve been back to ps at least 6 times but I’ve given up with him he just doesn’t care now he has my money just says no idea I’ve had ultra sound on nhs and they find nothing I’m taking 1000mg of primrose oil that the doc suggested but its nit helping it get so bad that u just lay in bed unable to move crying out in pain feels like I’m being stabbed the pain travels from breast to shoulder to neck I can live like this no more I’ve had to leave my job as a carer due to the fact I can life nothing it’s even affecting my sex life due to the pain and my partner has not been able to touch me in years I’m at my wits end please please help

    • Hello Katy; so sorry to hear about the troubles you have been having with your implants. It sounds to me that you have had some nerve damage as the cause for your various symptoms. After 4 years there is frankly only one solution that I see.. which you do not want to hear but is really the best thing you can do now…take the implants out. Wait for your body to heal and the nerves to regenerate and then consider having implants replaced at another time by a board certified plastic surgeon. Life is too short to be going through it suffering the way you are with pain.
      Best of luck, Dr. Tavallali

  • Tina says:

    I am almost 4 weeks post BA with Mastopexy. I was a 38A and after 410ml Pure Brazillian implants am now a 36C possibly D. The implants went in over the muscle so I am confused why I am experiencing such pain in my right breast, on the right side. It hurts most when trying to manoeuvre in bed and particularly when getting up. Is it normal to still have pain almost 4 weeks on?
    I am praying this pain will just settle down but I would say its more painful now than in the initial days following surgery. Please advise.

    • Hi Tina- indeed pain after surgery is supposed to get better with time! I can only guess that you are feeling the stretching of the skin envelope , especially since the pain seems to be worse when you are on your side. This should get better within a few weeks. You may want to speak to your plastic surgeon about taking some motrin etc for the pain.
      Good luck, Dr. Tavallali

  • Cari says:

    I just recently had my implants replaced because of a rupture. The new ones look so much better than the first…and while the recovery has been pretty easy, I do have a lot of pain in the incision on my right side. I am almost two weeks post op. In the incision you can feel a hard knot that is extremely painful to touch. I have pain all throughout the day when I move a certain way or even when my clothes rub on this area. My dr. told me to rub my incisions, which is ok on one side, but the other side where the knot is it is extremely painful. I am not sure if this is normal or something I should be concerned with. I am assuming it is scar tissue, but it is so painful I am not sure what to think.

    • Hi Cari,
      if the area of the scar is not red or inflamed as might occur if there is a wound infection, I would not worry. Massaging the scar as you have been told to do is the best to get the symptoms to reduce. If the scar does look infected see your surgeon at once!

  • Julie C says:

    Hi, I had breast augmentation with silicone implants in May of 2011. For the past 2 months or so, I have been having strange tightness and dull ache all around my chest. Some days left side, some right and even mid chest. It’s a weird feeling. I s/w my PCP thinking its my heart and he said no. No one seems to know why, but I’ve s/w with some friends with implants who did experience somewhat of the same symptoms. I don’t know what to think? Could this be from my implants?

    • Hi Julie- so far out, the risk of pain from capsular contracture decreases though it is always present. I would think the most likely cause is a condition called costochondritis or inflammation of the rib joints. Usually self limited but can be improved by a course of anti-inflammatory medications. See your plastic surgeon to be sure though. Best of luck
      Dr. Tavallali

  • Lee says:

    Hi, I had saline implants 11 years ago and have been really happy with them until recently. I’ve always had painful/lumpy breast when my periods due but it seems to be worse now. My left breast often hurts to touch on the side just under my arm and I have had a swollen gland come up under my arm a couple of times. My arm also goes numb occassionally. It is also uncomfortable to sleep on my side -almost as if my breasts are moving more than they used to. They still feel soft to touch and the pain is not unbearable just slightly uncomfortable. I am terrified this means I will need them replaced- is it true they normally need replacing after 10 years?? or could it be something more sinister like cancer?

    • Breast implants, whether saline or silicone, do not need to be replaced unless they are causing problems. It so happens that statistically problems occur between 10 – 15 years! I would see a plastic surgeon to make sure your implants are not ruptured and the cause of the lumps in your armpits. If ruptured they must be replaced. Cancers usually do not cause pain so I would not worry about that too much but do go and see a plastic surgeon so you have no worries at all!

      • Lee says:

        Thank you for your reply.
        If they are not causing serious problems for me do they still need to be replaced if they are ruptured? are there serious health risks with ruptured silicone implants?
        I have an appointment soon at a NHS breast clinic, will they be able to diagnose a ruptured implant or do I need to see a specialist? (sorry for all the questions!)

        • Free silicone can travel all over your body and cause significant tissue scarring that may be painful and at times disfiguring- so , yes get it fixed! As for the NHS, your GP should be able to send you for a CT scan or even a mammogram which can show the rupture and the refer you to a consultant plastic surgeon. Best of luck!

  • Lee says:

    sorry correction to my last comment- they were silicone not saline

  • Lilian says:

    Dear doctor,

    I had 200cc silicon BA on both sides, underarm incision, on 10th Oct 2012. Since 14th Oct (4 days post surgery) my left arm started to hurt and the pain has been getting worse till now. It is a sore and swelling pain that’s similiar to the kind you get after over exercised the muscles or from a very cold wet day if you have astigmatism. It hurts worst on the upper arm, on the side facing the body but also hurts bad all the way to the fingers. When I lie down it hurts the most and the pain wakes me up at night. The skin on the inner side of the left breast is also numb to the touch which doesnt happen with the right breast, other than the arm pain and skin numbness both breasts show no differences. Is this due to healing incision underarm pressing on certain nerves? How can it get better? I will see my surgeon on 19th Oct to remove stitches.

    • Hello Lilian,
      the under arms incision often causes the types of pain that you have since your surgeon has to push and pull a bit harder to get under the muscles and also because there are more nerves around the area that get stretched out. I would think that these symptoms will get better with time. The numbness may take a up to few months to improve. For the time being, icing the area may help you but ask your surgeon when you see him/her in case you need more pain medications.
      Hoping you feel better soon, Dr. Tavallali

  • April says:

    I had my BA about 7 months ago now, i went from a 34 A to a 3E/F i also had tiberous breasts. They seemed to have completely healed, however all of a sudden for the last week they have been reallyhurting, they almost feel like they are bruised all over and I am finding it really difficult to sleep. When I wake up in the morning it is at its worst. They are also still quite hard, but the surgeon said they have a lot of movement? Ant thoughts please? 🙂

    • Hi April- if you have have pain this far out it is either due to capsular contracture setting in or muscle stretching!
      Your doctor seems to have ruled out capsular contracture since the implants seem to be moving around well so the pain may just be muscular- You may have pulled things one way or the other. Ask your surgeon if its ok to take a week’s worth of anti-inflammatory medications like motrin. Hope that helps!

  • katrina says:

    Hi i had 720cc put in in March, they are still sore and have next to no feeling in my breast, i cannot stand them getting touched as they hurt, is this normal

    • Hello Katrina. With large implants like the ones you have the risks of complications increases dramatically. Numbness and sensitivity of the breasts can remain for up to two years. I would have your surgeon teach you a program of de-sensitization to at least get rid of the painful sensitivity so you can at least touch your breasts. Then, be patient and hope for the best regarding the return of sensation. Good luck!

  • Melodie says:

    Hi.. I had ba just a little over a month ago, from b to a d .i still have numbness and the breast are sensitive to touch…from reading the replies , that is normal..mine are still uncomfortable and tender to touch , sleep or to take a shower. Should I be worried ?

  • Megan says:

    Hello! I had my breasts done over one year ago. I had scheduled an appointment with my doctor because I thought the left was bigger than the right. He assured me it was fine and it eased my mind. Now, about another 6 months later I am feeling a strange discomfort in my left breast. It is not painful but almost as if my implant has shifted. When comparing my two breasts the left seems to sit lower and more to the side (closer to my arm pit) and the right seems to have maybe not “dropped” fully? It does not sit to the side, but I can see that the crease is higher up on my chest. Do you think there is a problem with my left breast? Or is this normal? Thank you!

    • Hi Megan. Your implant probably has shifted! with time the weight of the implant can stretch the muscles and skin and the implant can move out towards the area under your armpit or the bra line can move down. After a year your implants have dropped as much as they will. You may need to have the droopy side elevated by a secondary procedure that is called a Ryan procedure. I would speak to your plastic surgeon and if not satiosfied, get a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck, Dr. Tavallali

  • Stacy says:

    Hello, I am 9 months post op with 450cc silicon under the muscle, I have had no complications and am very happy, but the past three days I wake up with terrible pain in my left breast. As the day goes on it subsides quit a bit but first thing in the am it hurts and if I squeeze or move it around or massage it it hurts worse. The left side is slightly firmer than the right. I live pretty far from my doc and have four kids so making it to him is difficult. I was hoping you could help answer what might be goin on before I make a trip down to him.

    • Hi Stacy. Pain so far after your surgery is either due to a muscle cramp as the implant settles down and stretches your muscle or due to the beginnings of capsular contracture. Of course seeing your surgeon would be best but if your breast is not hard (does not have capsular contracture) it is probably muscular in origin and may get better with a week of anti-inflammatory meds like Motrin, and massage. Check either your surgeon though even if by phone because if for some reason you need surgery you have to be off the motrin for two weeks before you can have it to prevent bleeding!

  • Jeanne says:

    Dr Tavallali:

    I am 17 days s/p BAM.  I was doing great until about day 10 and then hypersensitivity set it……..terribly!  I actually work for my PS so am very aware of all the “risks and consequences” associated with the surgery, however, I have never had a patient call in with exactly my complaint and didn’t want to sound nuts to my boss.  I had 400ccs placed submuscularly.  The pain I’m having now is crazy.  The sensitivity started in my nipples initially so I tried some numbing cream (the kind we apply to patients before filler) and it didn’t work. The next day we tried an intercostal injection of lidocaine, marcaine and some steroid.  Not one bit of relief; not even for a minute.  Now the pain is spreading throughout the entire breast to where every move I make is very painful.  I have a very high pain tolerance and was off pain meds by day four so it’s not like I’m a wimp or anything, but this is ridiculous.  I don’t think my PS has ever prescribed Lidoderm patches for anyone.  Do you think this is something that may help me after not getting relief from the first two trials of the other meds?  I know nerve pain takes a while to dissipate, but I am miserable.  Oh, also of note is that my PS said my pectoral muscle was very well developed and thick.  Could this be the reason I’m having so much pain?  Because of all the stretching?  Didn’t really have stretching of the skin as that is about all I had left after breastfeeding three babies.  Thank you.

  • Amanda says:

    Hello I had a BA about 4 years ago, the last week I have been getting a burning feeling in my left breast. My implants were silimed, could you please let me no what you think , thank you

  • Lisa Holcomb says:

    I had saline implants 12 years ago with great results. I am now having increasing intermittent pain in my left breast. The pain is burning, stinging in nature from under my left arm down the left lateral side of my breast to my nipple as well as under my breast. There is also some associated numbness and tingling under my left upper arm. It feels like nerve pain. It has been going on about a year. I had a mammogram in January which was negative. My breasts are soft and there is no obvious changes apparent. What should I do?

  • Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for getting back to me I will have a look kind regards amanda

  • Michelle says:

    I had BA about 13 years ago and have had no problems. I went from 34 B to 34 C/D. About 2 weeks ago, I started having a sharp pain in my right breast that gets worst with certain movements. I went to my primary doctor and she felt a small lump. With increased pressure on that area the pain intensified. I have a appt in 2 days with a PS but im very nervous. My orginal surgery was in Louisiana and I now live in Florida. Can this “problem” lead to other issues that might make me sick. GI problems etc. I don’t know if I have Silicone or Saline. Please help

    • Hello Michelle- First, Don’t worry! The most likely reason for pain so far after your surgery is a breast cyst. Implants, whether saline or silicone rarely cause painful lumps. If a saline implant breaks your breast goes flat ( no lumps) and if its a silicone implant you may have a lump that calcifies and is painful but it would tend to be larger. As for it causing other problems that is unlikely. Breast implants don’t affect other body systems- tons of research has shown that silicone implants do not cause auto-immune problems that affect the body. You may need to get a sonogram or mammogram to find out what is going on but your PS will tell you. Good luck!

      • Michelle says:

        Wow!! Thank you so much for the prompt response!!! I have had no problems with my BA and my friends don’t realize that I have had anything done. They look very natural and fit my size. My breast still look fine. I’m 43 and had my 1st manogram last year that was normal. I look forward my appt on Monday and will update you. Again thank you for your quick response and helping me have better peace of mind!!

  • Bryanne says:

    I’m 13 days post-op with 350cc implants under the muscle. I was at a meeting this evening and my left breast became so swollen and huge. It happened within 5 minutes. I’m in a ton of pain and it hurts to even breathe. I feel a lump to the left of the nipple and it seems the breast is getting bigger by the minute. My vertical line stitches feel like they are being pulled apart. I have paged my doctor but haven’t hear back. I’m so worried.

    • Hi Bryanne- what you describe-sudden pain with enlatrgement of the breast is either due to a hematoma- bleeding into the breast capsule, or a seroma- a fluid accumilation arond the breast capsul. Either way you need to be seen in the morning by a plastic surgeon. If your one is not responding find another or go to the ER. If your pain is really bad and yuou cannot breath go to an ER NOW! You need to be seen by someone.! Good luck and feel free to let me know what happens.

      • Bryanne says:

        My PS had me meet him at the surgery center at 6:30 Tuesday morning. He suspected a hematoma, but after going in discovered a 1 inch muscle tear and large hematoma with clotting. He removed the implant and cleaned out the cavity. The implant was put back in and I am currently wrapped with a drain. I’m so scared this is going to happen again. I’m not sure how I did it in the first place so it makes it hard to know what caused the tear. I’m so upset about having to start the recovery process over again.

  • Dr.Tavallali says:

    So glad all is better now and thanks for letting me know. Do not worry about it as the chnace of a recurrence is very low. Just take it easy for a few week. All the best, Dr.Tavallali

  • Tammy says:

    I had silicone, under the muscle implants 8 months ago. I felt my left one started hurting and getting hard at 5-6 months. Went to PS at 6 months and was told it was a 1 on the scale and could take an antidepressant to help the pain. Now the breast is even harder. Do you usually have surgery w a CC and if not, can it hurt anything? At what point should my DR do something about it. He didn’t act like it was a big deal when I went in.

    • Hello Tammy- if you have a hard implant – one which feels like a cocnout shell where your breast is hard and not moving, you have a capsular contraction.Capsular contractures occur in 10 % of patients but in my practice only 1 % need surgery. Ask your PS for some Accolate 20 mg by mouth twice a day to try to soften things up if you are not very hard yet – that might help. Otherwise you will need surgery to remove the scar tissue though there is no harm to your body just leaving the implants ..until they start to hurt! Yopu can always see another PS for a second opinion. Good luck!

  • Emilia says:

    Hi Doctor!

    It has been a year on Nov 23 since my BA (425 cc under the muscle. went from nothing to a small D) I nursed 3 kids and had a lot of loose skin. I still have burning pain, stinging and some numbness in my right breast. the pain comes from the inner part of the breast to the upper part of nipple. and some times is in the upper part of the breast as well. I started to have this problem after 2 months of my BA. this has been on end off. I do massage the are and also lay on my chest for 15 min (only when I experience the pain) before I go to bed and some time I do another 15 min during the day. When I massage if feels good, it almost feels like a pain with an itch. and if fees so good to massage. this happens about every 3 months. I get better were there is almost no pain and then it happens again. My PS said that my nerves are still recovering. The funny thing is that when I’m not waring a bra or a top, the pain is much less. If I put pressured on my breast it feels good. I’m so frustrated about this. for the last 5 days I have been massaging the spots were the pain is coming from and it is better, but know I feel it more on the upper part and closed to the armpit, like a burning pain. I also noticed that when I’m outside and it is really cold. my chest start to hurt and aching. do you think that my nerves have grown tangled? what do you think? I’m so worried. Thank you for your help. Emilia

    • Hi Emilia, you certainly seem to be having some n erve pain going on. I just wrotre a series on this type of pain See here
      I would not woryy as from what you tell me things get better with massage. So, keep on doing so! The nerves just need more time to get back to normal. A tangled nerve, a neuroma, is a rare complication that dioes not get better with and massage. The pin point pauin need to be removed surgically. You don’t have that thank God. Good luck!

      • Emilia says:

        Hi Doctor Tavallali!

        Thank you so much for the super fast reply and all the help. I have been massaging my breast and the pain that I was having on my right breast is almost gone! I have also been sleeping with a a sport bra on and that really helps to keep the breast in place. I will keep massaging every day and also laying on my chest for 15 min. I hope the pain doesn’t come back. Thank you so much!! Emilia

  • Kiani says:

    Hi! 🙂
    Reading your blog has been very helpful to know that some pain is normal. I am 7 days post op today and I assumed pain and discomfort would have gone by now. I got silicone 375cc implants under the muscle. I am curious for your opinion however, if what I’m experiencing is “normal”. I have numbness and pain in both breasts, both near the incision and off to the sides. The pain I’m experiencing isn’t really noticeable when I’m laying down but in the process of lying down and getting up its like a shooting pain on the lower sides of both breasts. Lifting my arm to get items also is painful, the pain shoots and then goes away. Most of the people I know have had BA said they were relatively fine after a week but I’m still quite sore. How long does this pain last and is this type of pain normal or should I be worried? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Kiani- in short, it’s normal!
      Different people have different perceptions and expectations of pain so never compare yourself with others as we are all different in how we deal with pain. What you describe sounds like muscle pains as the muscles readjust to the new stress of the implants. With time they will readjust and the pain goes away. Massage seems to help during this period also. The numbness is due to the stretching of nerves and may take several months to improve. I would give it all a bit more time to settle down but if the pain gets worse sooner or is not gone then see your plastic surgeon. Best of luck!

  • Kiani says:

    Thank you so much for your quick reply! Glad to know everything is normal and fixing itself slowly 🙂

  • Jenna says:

    Hi Dr.
    I had my surgery almost three weeks ago. 350 cc under the muscle. Offer the least well our so, I’ve developed pain under both breasts, where my rib cafe is. It feels like I have a huge bruise and it’s very tender. I think this pain is normal, but why am I experiencing it?

    • Hi Jenna- It is a huge bruise! When the surgery is done, the muscle is lifted off the ribs in the central part of the breast to allow placement of tghe muscle. Under the breast at the bra line the muscle is mainly still attached and the tension on it from the implant causes pain. With time it will relax and get better. Massage of the area will also help.

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi I am 2 weeks post op had 375cc mentor smooth high profile and the last 2 days I have had pain across my whole chest area and between on my breast bone. Is this normal? I was fine and seemed a normal amount of discomfort up until now. They feel a little firmer. The only relief i get is if i hold them together and push them up. I’m not sure what to do. I see my ps in 3 days – should i ring them?? Thank you

  • Nicole says:

    Hi, firstly, thank you for this blog it has helped alleviate some of my initial concerns, however I am on day 6 and while my left breast is giving me no grief my right one has started too, the intial was as if someone was pinching my breast around the nipple and now this pain has gotten a little worse, it occurs when I get up after resting for long periods and lasts about 2 minutes where clutching my breast provides some relief it can be excruciating. I am worried about infection, how long before you can say I am out of the woods?

    • Hi Nicole. The pain you describe is typical of what happens when nerves are coming back to the operated area. During surgery and because of he implant they get stretched and a pinching or stabbing pain is not unusual. Infection would typically occur between the 3-7 day and become rarer after that. It would be accompanied by redness, swelling and possibly a discharge from the incision site. Hope you have do not have that! Good Luck!

  • Adriana says:

    Hi Dr! I had my BA in June 2009, placed under the muscle. I also had a baby a little over a year ago. Since my BA I have had a sharp pain beneath my left breast that shoots to my arm pit. I have always just assumed it was nerve pain but its been over 3 years now and I still get occasional pain. I was wondering what it could be and if I should be concerned. Thank you.

    • Hi Adriana- 3 years does seem a long time to be having pain. The pain sure sound like nerve pain and may represent a little nerve caught in the scar at the time of surgery. If you can replicate the pain by pressing on the area it could be helped surgically. If not…I don’t really klnow what you could do other than remove the implants if the pain is debilitating! Good luck and enjoy many years of motherhood!

  • Justine says:

    Hi. I’m 3 weeks post op, with silicone 300cc’s over the muscle. They were inserted via the breast fold.
    I am happy with my scars, the size, shape, how they look & feel… But! I have an excruciating pain under my scar on my left side. It radiates to my left side also. It is sharp, stabbing & burning. I have experienced all the nerve pains and although a little uncomfortable they are nothing like this. The pain is slightly relieved by ice and taking the pressure off, like lifting & holding my breast up (not very convenient) or a pressure bandage wrapped around my chest. It hurts most when I get up, use my arm and lean forward.
    Breasts are “normal”, no swelling, redness, lumps etc & I have no fever.
    But I can’t move! I have 2 little boys that need me & I’m a fitness instructor 🙁 ….
    Pain killers don’t help… Do you have Ny suggestions?
    Thank you

  • misty says:

    I am 10 months post op and about 3 weeks ago i have been experiencing a burning feeling on the upper sides of my breast. Then a a type of pain thar is not real bad but constant abd aggrivating. Oh and i have 420cc over the muscle. What could this be..they still feel soft.

    • Hello. Sounds like nerve pain to me. Check out the blog on this site from last month or so about abnormal pains in the breast which tells you about desensitization techniques. Good luck !

    • Hi Misty- sounds like nerve pain to me. As the nerves come back to normal after being stretched in surgery they give off these burning sensations. Massage and touch your breasts and they will get better with time. For more info check out the blog I have about ” Abnormal breast pain”. Hope you feel better by the New Year!

  • Connie says:

    Please help me!!
    I am a full 5 months post right implant exchange for an encapsulation (original augmentation was 23 years ago with saline implants). Since surgery, I have had nothing but severe pain and discomfort and there are “lumps” forming all over my breast. I cannot raise my arm over my head or bend over without pain, etc., etc. In addition, I am an ICU RN so I do understand medicine. So far, I have had 2 ultrasounds, a mammogram and have seen a breast specialist and nothing has been determined. I have requested an MRI. Please advise – thank you so much.

    • Hi Connie. So sorry to hear about your troubles. You present a difficult case. The lumps may be scar tissue which could improve with time but 5 months is a bit long. In the worst case if you do not get better soon do not discount removing implants and waiting up to a year before a reaugmentation. I know it sounds drastic but it is better than living with constant pain. Talk to your surgeon about options. Good luck !

  • Lee Ann says:

    I had breast aug in 2006, 330, saline, unders…..I experienced complete loss of feeling in my left breast, but at the same time extreme pain in the nipple. I had them removed in 2008 in hopes that the feeling would return and the nipple pain would resolve. Tho I dont have the daily pain anymore, there are times that my nipple is on fire!! Is there anything that can be done to maybe release a trapped nerve after all this time?? Thank you so much!!

    • Happy New Year Lee Ann- Sorry to hear about your pain. Sounds like the nerves to the breast were damaged during the initial surgery- a rare but known complication that occurs inabout 3% of patients. Taking the implants out relieved some of the stretch on the nerves but if you are still having burning pain it means there are some nerves trying to regenrate. Like you said it may be caught in a neuroma ( nerve bundle) and that could be surgically helped. You need to go to a plastic surgeon who will order some nerve conduction tests to see what is going on. Then you will have a better idea of a surgical correction or in the last case, actually cutting the nerve which will decrease the pain but leave you numb.
      See you PS! Good luck.

  • Rachel says:

    Hi , I had 350 unders in November 2008 and never had no problems (slight numbness to right breast at first but this came back ) . In oct 2012 I came off the depo injection and I have no artificial hormones in my body for the first time in years . I have now noticed increased pains in both breasts sometimes my nipples are so painful I can’t bear to wash my boobs , now I’ve got pains in both boobs and I can o ly describe it as if the whole of my boobs are bruised black and blue but they’re not , they’re just so painful and they are warmer then usual as normally they are quite cold to touch . Please can you advise as I’m worried sick and not far from calling up my ps to have them removed 🙁
    Ps since having the implants I’ve not been pregnant nor will I be in the future . Implants move and feel the same consistency as they did when they settled down
    Thank you so much for any advice offered 🙂

    • Hi Rachel- It sounds like getting off the hormones somehow changed your breast sensitivity- though I don’t really know how to explain it. As a trial I would consider going back on the hormones for a few months to see if the pain goes away. Then you will know for sure. Short of that removal may be the only course if the pain is unbearable. Good luck!

  • Maria says:

    Hi, I am 3 weeks post op with 350cc under muscle in my left breast, and 325cc in my right breast due to a slight asymmetry of my breasts. The left one is great! It’s the right one that is “misbehaving”. I was told by my PS to massage only once a day, but I thought that was just not enough, so I am doing compression exercises for a set of twenty and holding them in each quadrant for 5 seconds. They are definitely getting softer, but now my breasts feel more sore. The inside of my breasts by the sternum is killing me. I don’t know if I’m doing the exersizes too much, or my nerves are coming back to life and this is what is causing the pain. It’s not a burning sensation just very sore to the touch in any direction.

    • Hi Maria- sounds like you are being a bit to eager. It is normal to have some pain from stretching of the muscles but if you doing it so much that it is too pianful, just relax and do a bit less massaging…like your PS said!
      Hoping you feel better soon!

  • Beth says:

    I had implants fitted a year ago. I have been very happy until about two months ago my left breast felt a little harder than the right and it felt slightly tender to touch but nothing major. Also there is an area that to touch you can feel the implant clicking back out after have pressed it in. Is this normal?

    • Hello Beth. Clicking of the implant is a common feeling that patients get from the implant wall having “folded” and so clicks with movement. Nothing to worry about- and nothing to do for it other than to ignore it! If the hardening of the breast continues you may want to see your surgeon to make sure you are not developing a capsular contracture.

  • Rochelle says:

    Hi 9 days post opp sailine above muscle 275cc and 295cc everything has been very good so far, on the first night post opp I experienced an achy dull pain down my right arm, was relieved when it went away but it came back last night while laying on my back was in both arms and my fingers where tingly too, though today its just my right arm that feels achy? I’m a little worried 🙁

    • Rochelle this is usually due to the nerves of your arms being stretched while you were positioned on the operating table. It should improve with time. Keep a close eye on it and if it gets worse go to the ER and call your doctor. The risk of a “heart attack” is small if that is what you are worried about and usually would have already occurred – so don’t worry!

  • Ashley says:

    I had saline implants placed under the muscle on Sep 6 2012. My right breast has been getting shooting pains. Ive been doing the messages like my PS directed me to. (3 times daily 1 minute each side) My implants are moving. I also have alot of sensitivity in the nipple of this breast. Should I be concerned about CC? Both breasts feel the same in regard to firmness. Thankyou!

  • Keri says:

    Hi I had a Breast lift and silicon implant of 430cc 2 weeks ago I’m still feeling discomfort where I’m find myself in pain. My left breast seem to hurt a lot and the swelling of it is more than the right side. Now yesterday I began to feel pain on my right side arm under my arm the feel hard I’m scared that my left side it’s probably infected I did take off the tape yesterday on my right side all was healed except for about an inch on my nipple area so since I’m feeling more pain on my left side I didn’t take off the tape because I’m afraid it’s not heal due to the extent off my pain I don’t know if it normal

    • Some pain may be normal after two weeks but the risk of infection is always there. I would go and see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible to be sure since there is no way to diagnose an infection without having a check up. Call your PS asap!

  • shona says:

    m 19 n vry slim..i want to do brst implants fo nhancng my m afraid of d pain both during op n postop…n dont even kno d cost n bst hospital here in india..n confuse abt d types of size is.32a…n after implants i want my size to b 36c..plz guide me n help me clear all thse cmfusions…
    urs sincerely

    • Hi Shona- most of your questions will be answered by your plastic surgeon when you go for a consultation but in brief;
      pain is usually minimal and lasts only three days whilst you may experience sharp pains once in a while for a few months. The women you see posting here are a small group of all breast augmentation patients who have particular cases.
      If you are a 32, you will always be a 32! That is your chest circumference and will not change with breast augmentation. Only the cup size changes. So you will become a 32-C for example. The only way to increase your chest circumference is to get fat!
      Saline vs silicone- read the blogs I have wriiten on this subject. Essentially it comes to your choice.
      See a plastic surgeon who will explain all of this in a proper consultation. Good luck.

  • Thi says:

    Hi, I had my breast done August 2011. Exactly only year later my left breast swollen up to a cup size bigger, very hard and even had stuff coming out from the nipple. Went to see my doctor, he told me he can’t find the reason why it happened. But I need to redo my left breast any time I’m ready for it. It’s now febuary and I haven’t fell any sharp pain, although my left breast is much hard then the right breast. I’m not sure what to do and just searching for answers of what I should do.

    • This, it sounds like you had a rare but not un-heard of complication of a seroma. The breast suddenly swells up, causing pain and a casular contracture forms- like what you have developed. The causes are unknown but could be as a result of exercise or pulling of the chest muscles or even in case of a viral infection like a cold. To remove the hardness of the breast you will need another surgery to remove the scar tissue and place a new implant in that breast. your plastic surgeon will know what to do. Good luck.

  • Thi says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I also want to add, what is the cause of me not getting another surgery anytime soon?

  • Dr.Tavallali says:

    Nothing stops you from getting another surgery now. There is no emergency if you do not have pain and you can do the surgery later if you want.

  • Erica says:

    I am 12 days in post-ob. I have 415 on left and 420 on right. I was doing some cleaning just dishes, pick up stuff off floor, and laundry. I started having cramps on my rights side above breast and under my armpit. Then I noticed some swelling under my armpit and it hurts if you even lightly touch it. Is this normal?

  • brandie says:

    I had 450cc put in both my breast almost 3 weeks ago..I went for my 2 week check up and made sure I let my doctor know the pain im in..He sat me up for another 2 weeks to check he says since I went from already having a C cup its making it harder for my implants to drop all the way into place and the massage them…I have valium and I onlytry to take it at night cause thats when im in the MOST REAL PAIN…Like I cant breathe cant move and cant get comfortable:(:( as you see its 3 am and im looking online for some extra advice!!:/ please and thank you

  • Kylie says:

    He’ll Dr. I had my augmentation done about 12 days ago- my left is perfect no pain but my right side from almost under my armpit and down around the side of my breast has been killing me! The pain is almost on the surface not inside necessarily. And when I massage it it gets more swollen and painful! I’ve been icing it for a few days and taking anti imflammatory meds but it doesn’t seem to help– can you advise?

    • Hi Kylie- the pain you describe has some component of nerve pain- the “surface pain” . I have written a few blogs about how to reduce that ” Abnormal pains with breast augmentation.

      See if that helps you. Good luck

      • Nikki says:

        Hello DR., 10years ago I had 300cc saline breast implants placed under the muscle that I was very happy with. I was able to nurse 2 children after that, but, I started to have a lot of dull/achy pain across my right breast. I had to wear a bra at all times even to sleep, but it could only be a certain bra because a sports bra or anything touching me on that right side would hurt. I thought because my breasts were stretched out and larger from nursing and a slight weight gain, that the pain was the weight pulling on my breasts. So, 2 weeks ago I underwent a loli-pop style mastopexy and reaugmentation with 250cc saline under the muscle. I am very happy with the look, however, I have that right breast pain still. It feels like burning and I can hardly stand for anything to touch it. I read your previous suggestions about de-sensitization and neuromas. I guess my question is, with my mastopexy, is it possible that if I had a neuroma, it was cut out and then if I do the techniques, the nerve can be fixed? How could I know if I have a neuroma and are they easily found and fixed? Thank you

        • Hi Nikki- I think you are right- you may have had a neuroma and now is your chance to decrease the pain by de-sensitization. Neuromas are difficult to diagnose in a breast. In other areas with less fat you can actually pin point them by applying pressure directly to them! Then the neuroma is cut out- that is the only treatment. If the neuroma is in an important nerve , say a nerve to the hand, the nerves may need to be repaired microscopically.
          Hope the desensitization works for you- Good luck!

  • Allison says:

    Hi Dr.
    I had a ba 3 weeks ago. (350cc under the muscle) I am experiencing chest pains on my left side. My left side has given me problems from the beginning. There is a big bruise and it has always set higher. I know each side heals and drops on its own time. I am concerned with the chest pains. It feels like someone is stabbing me in the chest all the time. I have an appt with my ps Wednesday but wanted to ask your opinion.

  • Mariela Worm says:

    Good Afternoon Dr Tavallali,
    I am 20 days post op from my BA. I got 400cc silicone HP under the muscle. Well 2 days ago I over did the laying out in the sun(Sat and Sun). On Monday I came home from work with 104.7 fever. I was very scared, i took tylenol and ibuprofen itermitently as I thought it was a bad case of sun poisoning. My breasts don’t hurt the wounds are not ozzing. They don’t feel hot (other than the part that got sunburned). I guess my concernis that it is not an infection from the BA. Today is Tuesday and I feel a little dizzy and tired from the night I had last night but no fever. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
    Best regards,

    • Hi Mariela. An infection in a breast implant pocket is a serious condition. High fever, pain in the breast, swelling, redness of the skin of the breast are common symptoms. Your sunburn will obviously conceal some of these changes. If you are not better by morning I would go to see your doctor to rule out a breast pocket infection. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Penny says:

    Hi it’s been 7 months seance I had my breast implants done mine r 485cc above the muscle n I’m having a lot of pain in my left breast it seems to look like a little bruise coming up? Can u help

    • A bruise so late after surgery is probably unrelated to your surgery. Did you hurt your breast, squish it, bang it etc? A bruise is a collection of blood under the skin. If the pain persists see your plastic surgeon to find out what is going on. Good luck.

  • Rae-Rae says:

    Dr Tavallali
    I hope you can ease my concern…one month post op (from 34A to 34D wiht 350CC silicone implants) I experienced an extreme sharp pain on my left side under the arm pit which extended under the breast as well as back toward my spine in between the shoulder blade and spine. I went a month without conacting my surgeon feelings that it was “normal” and I didn’t want to cry wolf. Although crying in pain–I finally went in for a post op appointment a month after the initial pain began. I was given a Medpack pain subsided for a week after completing the meds. Daily the pain is still there some days better than others – surgeon says no more meds but did prescribe Tramadol (it scares me due to the possible side affects). It has now been 5 months of pain again good days and bad. If I wash the car or work out too hard I’m guaranteed two to three bad days of pain. Is this normal and am I being inpatient? I am stretching the arm pit daily hoping that will help but I’m afraid I made a bad decision to get implants and I just want to be happy with my decision and not regret it.

    I really appreciate this blog and look forward to your reply.

    • Hello Rae-Rae. Sorry to hear you are having all these pains. Difficult to tell you exactly what is going on without an exam but it sound like you have a tight muscle cramp in your chest that is not letting go. Pain meds probably will not help but motrin/ Ibuprofen etc- anti-inflammatories- may help. Also massage might let the cramp release.Ask you plastic surgeon if he/she agrees with these options. In general though, nothing to worry about- just a hurdle to jump! Good luck!

  • Dr.Tavallali I had breast implants,saline,34D under the muscle,ten years ago, been having disfort to my left breast only, I do jog and workout just about everyday, this discomfort , started three weeks ago, any input would be greatly appreciated. R.Linda

    • Hi Rosalinda. pain that occurs so late after surgery may be due to many different things. You need to be examined by a plastic surgeon to find out what is going on. Go and visit with your surgeon who I am sure will be happy to see an old patient!

  • Maribel says:

    Hello, I had BA about 7 weeks ago, everything seemed to be healing normal until I started to noticed my right breast firmer than the left one, they both seemed to be the same size. Just this morning I started having some pain in the right one. I been looking online and it seems like I might have Capsular Conteacture. I’m very scared to have surgery again.

  • Maribel says:

    Thank you for replying, right after surgery I was prescribed Indometacin, is there a difference between Indometacin and accolate?

  • Indomethacin is an anti-inflammatory drug. Accolate is totally different. It acts against the smooth muscles of the capsule.

  • Sabrina says:

    Someone please help me! I had my second implants surgery 4 months ago..i did 600cc under the first implants were 350 cc salines and one ruptured…i started doing zumba a few weeks ago …havent worked out in years…out of nowhere my chest feels so tight to the point where i wanted to go to the hospital..i just went to my surgeon 2 days ago he said it was a capsular he gave me singulair…does that sound right! And what could be causing this pain i never experienced it with my first ones please help me im getting depressed

    • Sorry to hear about your pain. Singular is the only treatment I know about short of surgery. Capsular contraction is a poorly understood process and can occur anytime you have surgery with implants. Massage can also help. Hopefully you will not need surgery for correction.

  • Sonya says:

    Hello, my name is Sonya and I had breast augmentation 4 weeks ago. I had 615 CC silicone implants. They’ve been fine but whenever I lay down for a long time or wake up from the night before, just under my right breast, where the bra runs along all the way around under my arm there is a really hot burning pain. It started about a week after the operation when I started sleeping on my side. When I wake up I have to hold my right breast firmly, then get up gently and wait like 10 seconds for the pain to subside.
    What could this be? Please explain
    Kind regards Sonya

  • Kelly says:

    Hello Dr.Tavallali, I had over the muscle, high profile silicone implants for 23 years. I was happy with my 34Cs until 18+ mos ago when they contracted. Since my old PS is long retired, I found a new PS last July who said low profile (wide) silicone, submuscular implants would look best on my thin frame and give me better cleavage. We talked 370-390cc as I wanted to appear a similar C size. I ended up with 15d- 457cc and size 32-34DD. During recovery, I had constant discomfort and often stabbing pain in an area over my ribcage, just below my right breast. This lasted for several weeks and the area is still somewhat numb (a year later). The outside areas of my breasts regained normal sensitivity, but my nipples and an inch around my areolas regained only a semi-numb sensation. Two months ago, both breasts started being overly sensitive in the shower and were itching and tingling periodically. Now both breasts have lost much of their sensitivity, and the nipples are almost completely numb! The right areola itches like crazy, but scratching it only hurts. I have an appt. to see my PS in 2 days and plan to discuss having my current implants replaced with smaller, medium profile implants that are not so wide. Do you think this would help with nerve damage and breast sensitivity or is it too late? Is it possible that wearing tight sport bras is a problem? I exercise everyday and wear two sport bras for extra support. I also wear an underwire bra or bras with tight bands on a regular basis. I’ve just read about your desensitization exercises. My PS never even had me massage my breasts. Is it too late for this to help? I’m nervous about another surgery, but I don’t like how my breasts ripple when I lean over and I’m very concerned about my loss of sensation. I would really appreciate any advice you can give me.

    • Hi there Kelly and sorry to hear that you are having these problems. Going by what you have told me it would seem a good idea to go for smaller and more moderate profile breasts. Measure your body circumference at the level of your hips and pubic area. Then measure your chest circumference at your nipple level. The hip measure should be less than your chest or you will look top heavy- A low profile implant is one that I rarely use since it does make you very wide.
      rippling means that you are probably too thin for that size implant. A smaller implant may help but you may need to fatten up …or get some fat injection to cover the area of rippling if it continues.
      The numbness etc may be due to nerves having been damaged during surgery or just being stretched. If you have some sensation the nerve is probably stretched and the smaller implant may bring sensation back…in up to 2 years! Do try the desensitization- it can’t hurt and may help. Massaging is also helpful in my view but you should check with your PS to see what he/she likes. Their decision comes before whatever you read in the internet- including my advice! best of luck!

  • Ashley says:

    HelloI had a breast September of 2012 650cc in my left breast
    And 640cc in my right breast.My PS made the incision on the top of my nipples. Leaving me with7stitches in each..9months later it still seems as if my left breast hasn’t fully dropped with the shooting burning pain on the inner part of my breast.After surgery my left breast is the one that gave me all the problems it felt like the implant was in my arm pit….is this ps said it was and to massage but needed another opinion. ..oh and also had a mini lift~Thank u

  • kirstie says:

    hello I had a breast augmentation 4 months ago the incision was in the armpit . I have have numbness down the side of my breast. an a little tender on my incision an a bit swollen an hard under the area near the incision also a bit of pain in the muscle right there above the breast an next armpit. ive been to doctors an been on Keflex for infection but I was buying the generic brand cause they said it was the same . ive done about 4 packs of this an but with week breaks between an dosent seem to be getting any better or worse but it uncomfortable can u help

    • Hi Kristie, four months after any surgery you should not be on antibiotics. If there is an infection that has not improved by now then it needs some other type of therapy. Generic Keflex is fine. It might be time to ask your PS if there are other options.

  • Mel says:

    I had breast enlargement just over a week ago, the pain started to improve after about 3 days but on the 7th day I woke up during the night with terrible pain in my left breast. I found it very difficult to take a full breath in without sharp stinging pains in my left breast. 2 days on, I am still unable to take a deep breath in due to the pain restricting my breathing. My implants are over the muscle…. What could be causing the pain? And how long will oh last ? Thanks

  • VG23 says:


    I had BA surgery 13 months ago with 460cc overs.y left breast is fine all sensation back and hardly any pain present. My right breast however still has minimal sensation and is sometimes painful to touch and sore. It doesn’t feel any different to my other breast or look any different. Sometimes they can feel as though they have hardened slightly if they have been in a tight bra but usually they are soft (as can be with implants). What could this be do you think as its starting to worry me. I thought it would of stopped after 12 months. Thanks

  • laura says:

    Hi im almost going on 5 weeks since my breast aug and 3 days ive been having a lot of itchyness in my breast all around them both by the way I went from an A cup to 450ccs but with the itchyness ive been having burning sensation in my nipples for example yesterday I put on some body spray and it went threw my blouse and sports bra and my nipples started burning like it normal to have your nipples burn when they come in contact with for example something containing alcohol or sonething in that nature?

  • Zoe says:

    I am 3 days after BA and I have a indentation on both breasts near the arm pits. They look like the cave in… What is this?
    Will it go away?
    Thank you

  • Zoe says:

    I have 400cc under the muscle HP by the way if that helps?

  • Ashley says:

    I am 12 days post op (silicone HP500cc unders) (originally 34A with 13in width) 5’4″ 130lbs… and I was released to go back to light cardio and tolerable lower body workouts as I am in the middle of a fitness competition prep… I am still in sports bra and velcro strap and keep my breasts velcroed when I workout… (I have been released to sleep in only the strap, still on my back) I find that I have moments where the strap just feels like too much and times when I feel like I need it to hold them… It varies during the day as to which is better and sometimes I feel like I just need to take everything off and sit…Also, after I workout I usually need the velcro off for a minute, assuming thats the blood flow that is making it feel tighter…. … I don’t think I am over-doing it workout wise so I was just curious if others go through the “take the bra off—ahhhhhhhh, put it on I need it now” phases? Does this make sense? Another question, my pains vary from spots… sometimes its the sides and sometimes its my sturnum… Depends on if the velcro is on, off, etc…. Just the skin stretching and muscles stretching? And lastly, my tape is still covering my incisions in my breast crease, I am pretty sure they are dissovlable sticthes and nobody made mention about removing them… At 12 days out can the tape come off so I can stop using the blowdryer to dry after my showers? Thanks!

  • Kyra says:

    Hi there! I got 400cc saline implants about a year ago. Immediately post op I had numbness that when away within a few weeks. But this entire time my left breast has seem to feel a bit more uncomfortable than the right. Still today I often have what I would describe as an ache toward the bottom of my left side. I never get sharp pains in either breast anymore but they still ache! They seem to ache a little less though when I wear a bra of some sort. I’m just wondering if this is something I should be concern about?

    • Hi Kyra- it is impossible to tell without being examined but in my experience pains that come on of an ache type late in the course of healing are usually due to muscles stretching etc. If the breast get hard it may be a capsular contracture. Best to see your surgeon if the pain persists.

  • Jill says:

    Hello Dr.
    I hope you can help me. I had my BA 6 years ago. Silicone 700 cc’s under muscle. Left breast has been perfect from the get go. Right breast has always had problems. Right has a capsule and has always been ultra sensitive to any sort of external pressure ( handling, gentle squeezing, pushing directly down on breast) and also sensitive to my movements or exercise ( lifting, bending, reaching) I will sometimes feel a sharp pain ( or sometimes without feeling any pain at all) followed usually the next day by extreme soreness, redness and swelling at the area of pain. Even just light fingertip touching to the skin is super painful. It does not always occur in the same spot. Sometimes on top of the breast extending to what feels like muscle strain under my arm,or on bottom of the breast or around the nipple. The pain and redness and swelling can last from 3 to 7 days and then is followed by less pain and a rock hard breast. That usually subsides within a week. After that, I may go 2, 3 or 4 weeks with it feeling somewhat normal, although never as good as the other breast. Then like clockwork, something triggers the whole process to start over again. This has been fairly constant for 6 years. I am very active, workout daily including weight training. I have been feeling so frustrated and I can’t seem to find and answers. Any info you may have for me would be greatly appreciated!

    • Sorry to hear about all your troubles. You certainly have a strange condition and it sounds like a nerve problem. A sympathetic neuralgia that might get better by desensitization exercises I have mentioned and linked in the replies below. However six years is a long time and you may have to consider removal of the implants if the Pain becomes debilitating

  • Nikki says:

    You are so awesome to answer so many peoples questions!
    I am 2 &1/2 months out from 2nd breast implant surgery. The first one I went 410cc and got a contractor in my left 2 weeks after surgery. I had no problems with the right one. After 8 months I got them both re-done and went 470cc. I wanted to go a tad bigger to 440cc but my Dr advised me to go to 470 for it to be a noticeable difference. I had Strattice put in to avoid a contractor again. My left breast looked great and sat great right after surgery. I had an infection 5 weeks after surgery in my right breast. The culture came back negative likely due to the Doxy. I was placed one months before my surgery to try to help avoid contractor. My Dr flushed the pocket with saline and used Irrisept to kill any infection inside. I was put on Bactrim for a month. I am 2 weeks off of Bactrim and no infection has returned. My right breast still rides a little high and I was told may take longer to settle due to the bump in the road with the infection. My right still is the only one that feels normal. I had a grade 4 contractor. My breast hurt all the time. My breast hasn’t stopped hurting and I was told can take a long time to get normal feeling back. But my left breast shifted a little to the outside. Now I can see the implant in between my breasts. I could feel it before and could see it when bending forward, but now I can see it just standing straight up. I asked if this could be due to my tissues being thinned with my contractor, but they said no. Everything I read says yes. In my right breast I can barely feel the implant and cannot see it. What is the likely hood of me getting a contractor in the right side? It still feels soft and normal and has a tiny piece of Strattice in it too. I am wondering why my Dr would say 470cc would be good if I didn’t have the tissues to cover it. I think if nothing else goes wrong I will have to have fat injections in the left one to cover it. It also feels heavy in that side and I hold it every time I bend over because I feel better when it has extra support. Could this just be due to the deadened nerves? It hurts where my implant is visible. Is this normal and how long does the aching last? I have had 4 kids and was a B cup before…Now I am a large C cup.

    • Hi Nikki- you have certainly been through the gamut of all complications after breast surgery! Sorry to hear that. As best as I can tell, if you have thinness of the skin it will probably need fat injections to correct unless the implants are currently over the muscle and can be placed under the muscle. With any capsular contracture surgery some thinness results in my experience as scar tissue is removed. The difference between 440 and 470 cc is not enough to make a difference regarding coverage- don’t worry about that. The heaviness and pain will improve with time (4-6 months) though you may need another surgery to make the pocket smaller so your implant does not go under your arm.
      You may still get a contracture on the right side though typically – no way to predict that. Best of luck!

      • Nikki says:

        Both times they were placed under the muscle. I see my Dr on Tuesday. I hope there is something that can be done without another surgery. I feel like I’m just throwing money away only to get depression and pain from it. Do you know about breast re-construction surgery? When women take their implants out and use Strattice to help fill in the tissues that were stretched out? I bet it costs a lot of money. Do you know if fat injections are really expensive? Do they actually work? Thank you very much for taking the time to read my questions and provide me with answers!

  • Nikki says:

    Also, can the pocket be made smaller without the implant being removed? I just don’t want to go through another full surgery. And my breast didn’t shift until 3 week ago when I started lifting my youngest child again and really using my arm. It does shift more toward my armpit then my right one. And it hurts when I use that arm. My arm muscle is sore as well as I have a large knot in my back now from the extra aching and discomfort. Thank you.

  • Dr.Tavallali says:

    The implants usually have to be removed to make the pocket smaller. You already Strattice placed so you should not need any more. Fat injections do work well for the coverage of rippling in my exeoprience. Make sure you have a list of all your questions and concerns when you meet with your PS on Tuesday.
    Good Luck!

  • Hayley says:

    Hi doctor,
    I really hope you can help me, I’m 6 days post op I had 510 under the muscle, I have suffered with ALOT of pain and it seemed like things were settling down, however Iv had all my strapping removed and now my right nipple is agony!! It’s as though it’s being pinched really hard and I get a shooting pain behind my my nipple very similar to a large electric shock that makes me scream in pain , it lasts for around 30-40 seconds and I have to wait for it to subside before I dare move, it’s particularly bad if Iv been lying down then I stand up?? I have to hold my right breast to try to stop the pain, I cannot wear a sports bra as it’s too painful, I think it’s probably nerve damage but I’m really struggling,
    I really hope you can help me as Iv been in tears I’m due to see my surgeon in 1 week but I’m wondering whether to ring and ask for some advice?.. I am on strong painkillers and antibiotics but they aren’t helping this pain in my nipple,
    Any advice would be welcomed, thank you

  • Nadia says:

    I have had my implants since April of 2010. Last weekend while on a ride at the fair I experienced a lot of pressure and pain in my right breast I believe due to the motion of the ride. My right side has been sore beneath the implant since last Saturday. My doctor suggested Advil to alleviate the pain. My concern is how long the pain should last? My implants are under the muscle, is it possible the pressure from the implant on the ribs bruised my ribs beneath my implant? I’m having trouble sleeping due to the pain. I’ve had to sleep on my left side due to the pain and have trouble sitting up. When I sneeze it is painful as well as stretching or using my right arm. This morning I noticed the left side was sore, again under the implant. What should I do? How long should I let this go on with just taking Advil?

    • Hello Nadia.
      it is not unusual to have muscle pain after breast surgery – just like muscle pain after any physical exertion . The strained muscle will get better with time. I usually tell my patients to use a drug like Advil for about 10 days, but you should check with your own doctor. Ice to the area may also help! hoping you feel better soon.

  • Hayley says:

    Thank you so much for your advice, like you predicted the pain has subsided and the muscle spasms have gone and the thunderbolt nerve pain had also subsided!.. They’re sensitive still but my surgeon has said its a good thing that things are beginning to ” wake up” Iv still got a very sensitive incision under my left breast but after only 10 days I’m assuming this is normal?!! My breasts are dropping and feeling much much better ” thank The Lord”
    So I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say thank you and you’re a great help with all these ladies questions!
    Hayley xx

  • Terri says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I had a secondary breast lift and 225cc silicone implants under the muscle about 3 weeks ago.
    I have a strange pressure/pain and discomfort and tightening sensation on the top part of my left breast. Sometimes it feels like there is a knot there.
    To me, the top area of my left breast feels harder and a little bigger or maybe a little swollen than the right breast. I also have a big patch of bruise in the lower part of my left breast.
    Just wanted to see if it is normal or not.
    What are the main symptoms to watch for?
    Really appreciate your help.

  • britt says:

    I have had pain in my right breast in one spot like a pinching, painful feeling , and i can c a line of the implant popping up which I know they ripple but this is right on top of my breast ,I have had my ba done over two years ago and I have no idea what to do. Or what it could be .the pain is coming from the inside , and my impacts are over the muscle. What is going on !

    • admin says:

      Hello Britt.
      Most of the late pains from BA are due to muscles pulling or the scar tissue around the implant being stretched or tearing. That could account for your being able to feel the implant now. Best thing is to go see your plastic surgeon so you can examined and see your options which may include all from doing nothing to another surgery.

  • Dana says:

    Hello I’m 5 days post op had 410cc under muscle I’m still in a lot of pain but handling it the only thing that is getting to me is when I lay down for bed some nights or when I lift my right arm I can feel the muscle moving around my implant also it feels like it’s getting stuck called the surgery where I got my implants and they told me its Normal but dosnt feel very normal when I breath hard or take a big breath it’s like there’s a golf ball stuck in my chest that’s hitting of my rib sounds a bit funny but that’s what it feels like can you give me your opinion getting worried now

    • admin says:

      Without an exam at this point it is difficult to say. Pain and “funny” feelings are normal so soon after surgery. I tell my patients to massage breasts and that can help but you should check with your surgeon and go and be seen if you are worried.

  • Sara says:

    Hello I am 4 days po and having a very difficult time. My first surgery I got a c cup over the muscle somewhere around 350 cc had not a problem with first surgery healed fine about 2 1/2 years later got capsular contracture in right breast. So decided to go for a second to fix this and go bigger to a D. So I am now 4 days after my second new surgery over the muscle 460 implant size 560 fill volume. My left breast is giving me some horrific pain. If I’m laying down and still im fine. If I roll over go to get up or walking it feels as if my skin is ripping/tearing apart deep inside. I went and seen my ps today and he assured me I would be fine said they looked to be healing fine. Just something about nerve ending are stretched and irritated. I just don’t understand? He gave me some medicine for pain that I can take daily at work and at home. I trust my doctor I’m just concerned I guess and trying to throughly understand? And very anxious to know when I should feel better as I can’t work like this and had to leave work early today and scared this won’t get better and ill be stuck in this pain at work.

  • Sara says:

    This is all underneath the breast near incision forgot to mention that.

  • Sara says:

    I’ve noticed that if I touch the spot right under my breast right below the incision right over my ribs as soon as I feel the pain it helps. But I keep thinking its infection or fluid build up and it’s really scaring me. But it seems like if it was infection or fluid build up that touching it or rubbing it would ease pain? There is not redness of skin or warmth of skin but it is very painful like a ripping/tearing of skin, and I haven’t been running a fever. But with every pain I feel it’s in the back of my mind is this infection or more than just nerves something more serious? Spoke to my doctor today and he says a lot of deep stitches are right next to the top of my ribs right below the breast. How can he be so sure those no internal infection/fluid(Seroma)??

    • admin says:

      He cannot be 100 per cent sure but his experience and training will help him to advise you best. you probably do have sutures there and infections do not get better with rubbing. You should go see him again so your questions are answered and you have no further worries.

  • Sara says:

    I meant that it seems like touching or rubbing that spot wouldn’t ease pain if it was infection or fluid build up. Not it would.

  • Anabelle says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I had a BA in december 2015. 3 weeks later, I strained my chest muscle opening a very heavy door with my left arm. I had gone to see my PS 2 weeks after and he said that the sharp burning pains were probably due to nerve irritation and that my implants were still in place.
    Is it normal that this pain is still present 90 days later? It goes from all the top of my nipple all the way up to the crease of my armpit. Moreover, my left breast is more numb and harder than my right one.
    Thank you & Regards,

  • Sam says:

    Hello I had implant exchange from subglandular to sub pectoral Oct 2015 (335 cc saline to 500 cc silicone). Within 2 weeks significant muscle animation deformity high above nipple worse in left side. Bottomed out and lateral displacement within 6 weeks. Revision to address all with fat transfer, galaflex, and capsullophaphy (SP?) and downsized to 400cc in June 2016. Nearly 9 months later muscle animation much worse on left, developed symmastia, and lumps in breast from displaced galaflex. My PS has not responded to any concerns and offered no post operative follow up. I have constant muscle ache in left pectoral muscle and pain along upper sternum in both sides. I went from a 3 cm gap to no gap with left implant completely crossing sternum. I consulted with other PS but no one can explain what is going on except that muscle was detached half way up sternum causing both animation and symmastia. Is there anything that can be done to address the pain? I know it will take more surgery and lots of money to address the symmastia and animation. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear about all these problems you have been having Sam. The pain may be due to many factors and not unusual given all the surgery you have had. That may take a year oe more to improve. Short of surgery to take the implants out, correct the symmastia and in the future have another augmentation there is little I think you can do. Best of luck!

  • Andrea says:

    Hi there and thanks in advance for any assistance .. I had a BA and internal lift little under a month ago .. the surgery went well and the breast are perfect no bruises lumps or problems or the incision areas, however pre op few weeks before and post op one month on I started to develope anxiety … the breathing got heavy from that .. when I got back from getting surgery I started having problems sleeping .. I’d fall asleep and gasp for air and wake up fast that’s happened almost 5 nights in a row .. went to doctor they said yeah it’s anxiety … but last night I have been feeling some sharp pains more in the sternum than the actual breast .. hope it’s not a clot or something .. how can I no when I should worry ? My breast are sensitive but I expect than after a internal lift .. me being a flight attendant I don’t want to go back to work just yet as I’m more worried about the lifting and pulling .. tightenness in the chest alittle too but I assume that’s anxiety to.??

    • admin says:

      Anxiety can cause many of the problems you describe. If , god forbid, there was something wrong with your breathing due to a lung problem suffered at surgery you would be much worse off much earlier so that is an unlikely cause for your symptoms. Sharp pains on the side and the sternum are due to the implants stretching your muscles and normal. You will get better soon! All the best!

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