Face lift and Facial Nerve Surgery

First, as our facial nerve comes out of our brains, it gives off a few branches (chroda tympani) and stapedial (ear), and travels by the tragus cartilage in front of the ear to a higher level. Our facial nerve then branches into five main branches just in front of the ear, but still under the facial muscles and gives a combination of sensation and movement to our faces. The nerve comes out to a superficial level past the pupil area. If a branch is damaged during facelift or facial surgery, it may take days or months before function returns.

Face lift Surgery by Non-plastic-surgeons

A few years ago I wrote the blog below about face lift surgery being performed by non cosmetic plastic surgeons under the trade mark name “life style lift” face lift.

When to Have a Face lift Surgery

One of the most important factors for determining when to have a face lift surgery is our basic genetics. Look at photographs of your mother and father and see when they lost their youthful appearance. You will see that aging occurs in stages.

Face lift with local anesthesia

 Local anesthesia and face lift surgery   A couple of years ago, I wrote  this post about performing facelift surgery under local anesthesia: https://tavmd.com/2011/02/14/face-lift-surgery-under-local/ The other day, I saw that the technique is now being offered as a  training course for cosmetic plastic surgeons.  A nice holiday in Portugal, and any plastic surgeon can learn […]

Full Face lift

Regarding healing time for Rhytidectomy I tell my plastics patients the following;
2 weeks before you can be seen by your friends
3 weeks before your acquaintances see you and
5 weeks before you present yourself in front of your enemies and have them become jealous!

Face and Eyelid lift specials

Face lift surgery special:  20 units Botulinum toxin injections free   Eyelid surgery special: $2400 either upper or Lower lids!  Includes Surgical, facility, and anesthesia fees Call  703- 876-9400  now for consultation . Face Lift Surgery (Rhytidectomy) More than any other procedure, it is the “face lift“ or rhytidectomy that has come to be associated with plastic surgery […]

Looking Good After a Facelift

Healing after cosmetic face lift surgery   Face lift surgery is a common cosmetic plastic surgery used to improve facial features and changes due to aging. I have written about the technical aspects of face lift surgery in the past, including differences between a full face lift and a mini face lift, and face lift […]