What to expect?

What is a drain-less tummy tuck?

A drain-less tummy tuck is a newer procedure (10 years old already) where I will suture your skin down to the muscles of the abdomen and so will not need to places drains to remove liquid as no liquid forms. This gives you the patient less pain, faster recovery and a better scar.

How long does Mommy surgery take?

The surgery takes between 3-4 hours; more if other areas of liposuction such as the thighs are added. Most patients have the surgery performed as an outpatient procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

Tightening of muscles leads to a cramping type of pain that is best relieved using a combination of pain medications. Likewise, a breast augmentation can cause muscle pain for the first two days after surgery. There is less pain with breast lifts and reductions. Discomfort is usually less by the 3rd day  and the more patients move, the less pain!

What are the risks of a Mommy surgery?

As in any surgery,  Mommy surgery / tummy tuck surgery has risks. Thousands of abdominoplasties are performed successfully each year with very satisfying results. Luckily, major complications are rare and minor complications, when they do occur are easily treated. Infections, fluid collections and minor wound healing problems are usually self-limited. The most serious complication, that of a pulmonary embolus due to blood clots in legs is also one rare, and its treatment may require hospitalization. Smokers are advised to stop smoking for at least two weeks before a tummy tuck. The breast surgery can have risks of complications with implants or of decreased blood flow to nipples in breast lifts and reductions leading to nipple loss in 3%- 4% of surgeries.

How long before I get back to normal activity?

Most patients return to activities of daily living within a week after a mini-abdominoplasty and within 10-14 days after a full tummy tuck. Swelling will persist for up to 6 months.  A garment and massage will help with the swelling. Patients can resume gentle exercise after two weeks and increase the amount as tolerated.

How much does a mommy surgery cost?

For pricing ranges, please take a look at our prices page.

What is a Mommy Surgery?

An increasingly popular combination of surgeries is known as the ” Mommy surgery“ as women discover there are solutions to the ravages of pregnancy or obesity. The female body undergoes very specific and yet at times unpredictable changes with pregnancy. The female hormones affect the fat distribution of the abdomen, hips, and breasts and also the elasticity and nature of the skin of the same and other areas. Fat that accumulates during pregnancy may not disappear after the child is born and stay on as larger hips and an ”abdominal apron“ that hangs over the pubic area, which itself has sagged. The fat can also accumulate in the arms, or under the neck. The breast typically will lose fullness of the upper pole and droop. This sagging of the breast is known as ptosis. In some cases however the breasts do not go back to their normal size after pregnancy but stay enlarged. The rectus muscles that at some time in the past may have given you a ” six pack abdomen“ separate with pregnancy and get progressively more separated with each subsequent pregnancy, leading to loss of the waist line. Finally skin changes and loss of elasticity can affect the genital areas causing darkening of the labia and loosening of the skin in these areas as well as stretching of the vaginal canal by the process of childbirth.

Surgery in Surgery center

The Mommy Surgery procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a surgery center as an outpatient procedure and takes about 2.5 hours. It can be combined with a Brazilian buttock lift , liposuction.


You need to have someone stay with you the night after Mommy surgery and can usually resume work in 10 -14 days.depending on the surgery. The cost for a Mommy Surgery includes the operating room fee and all of your follow-up visits.

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