Mommy Surgery

I remember when I was a small boy my mother would point to her tummy and say, “Look at what you did.” She had a mound of loose skin and stretch marks in the central abdomen, and I felt terrible about what I had done as a baby inside her! After that I had to become to a board-certified plastic surgeon; what choice did I have?

Effects of pregnancy and weight loss

Unfortunately, with the joys of motherhood come the physical consequences of pregnancy: loose skin of the belly, widening of the muscles of the abdomen and extra fat accumulation in the tummy and waist giving you the proverbial “muffin top.”  But there is more!  The breasts typically sag and the upper part caves in, resulting in smaller breasts. Sometimes the size remains large and the breasts just become droopy, or they remain enlarged after pregnancy and you need a breast reduction. But there is more! Most of the above symptoms can also occur without a baby in the equation. Weight loss also happens after a gastric bypass or a gastric banding, which can lead to weight loss and similar problems with the body contour.

Mommy surgery defined

Whatever the cause, the solution is typically a “Mommy Surgery,” which is a combination of a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, and some type of breast surgery. The breast surgery can be a breast enlargement with saline implants or silicone implants, a breast lift alone or a lift with augmentation, or even a breast reduction. Every patient is different.

Do the breast and tummy surgery together

I typically perform the two surgeries at the same time. Patients are often hesitant to do this and worry about the discomfort of the two procedures together, but in my experience the pain is not double and, actually, patients seem not to mind the breast surgery at all! Healing takes the same amount of time whether you do the tummy tuck alone or with a breast surgery, and you save on the hours under anesthesia and, of course, the cost of the procedure as well as hospital and anesthesia time.

The results of surgeries of the abdomen and breast are stupendous. Within two months, the majority of the healing is completed and patients are back to all normal activities. It is a life-changing operation and one that gives me particular pleasure when I see how it affects my patients’ self-esteem and confidence. It also makes me feel better about what I did to my mum’s tummy.

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Morad Tavallali, M.D., FACS

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon