Mommy makeover

Mommy surgery before

                                                                                    Mommy surgery after

Cosmetic Plastic surgery of breast and abdomen after childbirth or massive weight loss is often called a Mommy makeover. Recently a patient asked me if in fact it was not a ‘Mummy makeover” since patients are often bandaged up like mummies after this cosmetic surgery duo!

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Changes  to body after pregnancy or weight loss

Several distinct but common changes occur to the body after pregnancy or weight gain and loss.

  • Fat Deposits – occur in the flanks, love handles, back and abdomen
  • Loose skin – as a result of stretching of the skin leads to loss of elasticity of skin and its hanging down
  • Breasts become smaller and may also become droopy due to loss of volume and elasticity- in women and men!
  • Arm skin becomes droopy but fat accumulation in the arms may increase
  • Facial  and neck skin may droop giving an older look

Surgery of the abdomen and breasts

Mommy makeovers typically include

  • Tummy tucks- abdominoplasty –   click here for more info for tummy tuck
  • Breast lifts with or without augmentation – click here for more info for breast lift and click here for more info on breast augmentation

Other procedures may include

  • Arm lifts or liposuction – see here for more info on arm lift surgery  and click here for more info on arm liposuction
  • Liposuction of thighs or back – click here for more info on liposuction
  • Face lift surgery – click here for more info on facelifts
  • Buttock enlargement – click here for more info on Brazilian buttock lift or BBL

Mommy makeovers will take between 3.5 to 4.5 hours depending on the type of surgery that needs to be performed. Though some surgeons like to continue to operate on other body areas at the same time, I find that 8 hour cosmetic surgeries are just too much for me. They are also way too much for the patient! I prefer to divide up the surgeries into more reasonable segments, sometimes just by a few days, to allow easier healing for patients.

Recovery from Mommy makeover

After a mommy makeover the recovery will depend on the number and type of procedures performed as well as all the usual reasons for differences in individual healing. Although patients are up and walking the same day as surgery, typically it will take about 10-14 days before patients are back at work. I have had patients return as soon as 3 days after surgery and as long as 14 days.

Here is a link to a patient returning to the office after only 14  hours following mommy surgery from 10 years ago!!!;  Patient with Mommy makeover surgery recovery after 14 hours 

Full healing though will take about 4 months though their healing is gradual and progressive.

Mommy makeover surgery gives women a new look . A new look for their bodies and a new look on life.

Morad Tavallali, M.D., FACS