Male Cosmetic Surgery

Male cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly common for plastic surgeons to perform. Men may be having the same procedures as females, but they will need to have the same surgery preformed using:

  •  different techniques
  • different scar placement
  • attention to body shape differences
  • appreciation for different surgical complications                                                                                                                               male cosmetic surgery photo

Face surgery for men

Face lift surgery and eyelid surgery are some of the most common cosmetic surgeries on men. The plastic surgeon must be aware of the placement of the scars for these procedures in men as they differ from those in females. The male beard when pulled up and back can sometimes go into the bare skin area in front of the ear, and hair in that area may need to have laser hair removal treatments after surgery. Older men obviously will get a fresher look to their face and many younger men benefit from a face lift surgery for improvement of acne damage to their skin. Due to facial hair on men, bleeding after surgery tends to be more common in men.

Eyelid surgery incisions must likewise be placed in different areas so as not to feminize the eyelids. Brow lift are performed on men only if the have truly large muscles in the forehead area with deep lines, and a marked droop of the brow. An elevated brow can look abnormal in males.

Nose surgery for men

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty for men must also be tailored to providing the male patient with a strong or masculine nose. Elevation of the nasal tip can feminize the face too much.


Male liposuction is typically for the neck , chest and abdomen areas. Males rarely accumulate fat needing liposuction in the thighs like females do. During liposuction of the male abdomen it is important to be aware that a V shaped body is the goal rather than the curved body that female patients desire. Gynecomastia surgery is particularly common with 20% of men suffering from gynecomastia.

Tummy tuck

Male tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, is for men who have had significant weight loss and are left with looseness of the skin and extra fat in some abdominal skin areas. men will typically also carry their fat within the abdominal cavity to a greater extent than women who will have the fat more under the skin. male tummy tuck does not require tightening of the abdominal muscles to the same degree as in women who have gone through pregnancy and separated their abdominal muscles.