Latisse Solution Eyelashes

LATISSE Solution eyelashes, known by its chemical name, Bimatoprost, is a prescription only, FDA approved, medication which enhances the eyelashes. The solution which is applied nightly, provides for longer lashes, thicker and darker lashes.

LATISSE Solution eyelashes can also be used to encourage growth of eyelashes in people with thin eyelashes or inadequate eyelashes.
LATISSE Solution eyelashes is provided in a one month supply kit, though most patients will need two months (8 weeks) to begin to see effects.
Full effect of treatment is seen after 12-16 weeks with 76% of patients reporting thicker lashes and longer lashes.

Once the medication is stopped, the effects of treatment will revert back to the patient’s normal; so be prepared to continue using it!
As with any medication, certain precautions must be taken. Few patients show an actual allergy to the medicine. This medication is not used for people with glaucoma, irritation of the eyelids, or dry eye syndrome. Some local redness of the eye or itchiness is a common side effect and is not an allergic reaction. In some patients there is a darkening of the skin around the eyes. This is a reversible effect and disappears upon discontinuation of “LATISSE® Solution”. In other patients, a darkening of the iris occurs which may be permanent.

How LATISSE® Solution works is a bit of a mystery! It is thought to affect the anagen (growth phase) of the eyelash hair cycle. It may increase the length of this phase, and the actual number of hair follicles in this growth phase.

Be sure to come in for a free consultation to discuss this great product with Dr. Tavallali and to see if you are a candidate for its use! .. and leave the mascara at home.

LATISSE® Solution before and after

LATISSE® Solution after 16 weeks