After breast enlargement surgery, I or one of my cosmetic plastic surgery team show the cosmetic breast augmentation surgery patient how to massage the breasts after Implant Surgery Augmentation. This is a critical step in securing a positive outcome of a breast augmentation surgery with either saline or silicone breast implants.

The massages start on the second day after the surgery. The breast augmentation patient’s body will start to form a capsule, or scar tissue, around the implant. If left unchecked, the capsule can contract and lead to a breast that feels hard. Massaging the breast ensures that the breast implant has the maximum amount of room to move under the skin and muscles of the chest so as to feel and appear the most normal. I want my breast enlargement patients’ breasts to fall forward when they bend at the waist and back toward the arm pits when they lie back. That is how breasts are supposed to act.

I encourage my patients to massage their breasts five times daily for five minutes each time during the first two weeks after surgery. Thereafter, “the more you do it the better.” After two months, just once a day will suffice, unless hardness has set in. In that case, continued massage and taking medicine to lessen capsular contracture will be beneficial.

How to massage your breasts

  1. Put your hands on the outside of each breast while crossing your arms and push the two breasts to the centre  of your chest. Hold for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this 5 x, 5 times a day.
  2. Hold your breast left breast between thumb and fingers of your right hand.  Push in with your thumb to move the implant towards your armpit, then relax the thumb and push the implant with your fingers towards the center of your chest.  Do the same for opposite breast using other hand. Repeat 5  times, 5 times a day.
  3. Hold your breast with opposite hand and move the implant in a circular motion for 30 seconds, 5 times a day.

In general, any movement of the breast is good and will decrease the chances of capsular contracture and hardening of the breast. Again, the massage should be performed five times a day for five minutes each time for at least two weeks; the time can be reduced thereafter but should be continued until the implants have fallen into their normal position on the chest wall. This can take up to four months.