Getting back on your feet after abdominoplasty

Getting back to your normal routine and life after any surgery as quickly as possible is an important wish for all patients. For cosmetic plastic surgery patients this is especially important, since in some cases it is vacation time that is being used, not sick leave!

Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is one of the larger surgeries your cosmetic plastic surgeon can perform (remember to always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon—and no one else!). I often perform this cosmetic surgery at the same time as breast surgery for a “mommy makeover”!

With tummy tucks, the tightening of the abdomen muscles, removal of excess skin below the belly button and liposuction of the flanks takes a certain toll on the body. I encourage my patients to be up and about the same night. This is why I perform the surgery as an outpatient procedure and have the patients go home the same day.

When they come back into the office a day or two later, they look like this… check out the video by following this link: 12 hours after tummy tuck and breast surgery

Convinced? It’s worth it!