Cosmetic buttock lifts for droopy buttocks

If you have read any of my previous posts about bums, you know that I have a particular fondness for treatment of droopy buttocks with the Brazilian buttock lift. In fact, it’s not even a real lift, but rather a filling of the buttocks with fat liposuctioned from somewhere else on the body, which gives a “lift” to the general shape. Other people though have droopy buttocks and need other techniques .

Brazilian Buttock Augmentation lift photo

Other types of buttock lift for droopy buttocks

Sometimes, though, the plastic surgeon really does need to lift the buttocks. There are two main types of surgical buttock lifts, but it gets confusing because what we call a cosmetic procedure sometimes is not what we really mean…

Buttock lifts from above

If you stand in front of a mirror, look at your bum and pull the skin up toward your waist, you are giving yourself a buttock lift from above.

This procedure, which is usually part of a “circumferential tummy tuck” or “complete body lift,” is sometimes performed for patients who have had massive weight loss.

After massive weight loss, the loose skin hangs around the waist area and the buttocks droop. Cutting the skin above the buttocks and pulling the skin up leaves the patient with a horizontal scar across the back and does remove some extra skin.

In my hands, the results are always wanting. Both the cosmetic patient and the plastic surgeon are left wanting more. The large scar is just not worth it. What both patient and surgeon really wanted was a fuller buttock with no loose skin—but that is not what they get. The skin at the lower end of the bum still looks like your grandmother’s bum.

Buttock lifts from below

The loose skin that hangs in the lower area of the buttocks when you have had great weight loss or just become a little older is of particular concern to many patients. The only way to really treat this is to remove the skin by cutting along the posterior buttock crease with incisions going toward the front of the groin. I typically just remove the top layers of the skin and keep the dermis to fold it in so as to keep some bulk in the buttocks. The scar is inconspicuous and though at times the wound will separate during healing, the final result is acceptable and infinitely better than the approach with the scar on top of the pelvis. Even though the scar ends up in the same place as in a thigh lift, where droopy thigh skin is elevated up, the results are much better, as there is no significant weight of skin and muscle pulling on the scar.

In summary, there really is no single plastic surgery procedure that works every time to give the cosmetic patient a lovely round bum, but there are a number of plastic surgeries that together may get us closer to  full buttocks.

Morad Tavallali, M.D., FACS