Cosmetic plastic surgery fun with phone apps

There are a number of  cosmetic plastic surgery apps that allow for plastic surgery results to be visualized for patients. The cosmetic patient usually takes their photo as directed, uploads it to one of the sites and then can manipulate photos to achieve a “desired”  look. One of the sites I have used in my office is a professional adaptation of this type of app developed by a company called Crisalix:

The software allows  my breast augmentation patients to see their bodies with digitally enlarged breasts. Frankly, these are all gimmicks, as the actual results of either a breast enlargement surgery or a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) are not like images seen on a computer. Many more factors are involved in plastic surgery results. Nevertheless, some patients may find it useful.

Plastic surgery fun:  iPhone apps

What is a lot more fun is a number of plastic surgery phone apps that are available for silly playing with photos. The apps I have chosen are mostly free, though extra functions and presumably more fun can be unlocked when you pay for them!

Face Juggler

With this app, you take a photo of your face and another person next to you (it has to be a human as there seems to be some facial recognition software in there; I tried it with my dog and it didn’t work!). The app then allows you to “juggle” your faces. Your face gets merged with your neighbor’s facial structure and vice versa, and you get… hilarity! Try it with photos of your face and body next to each other for even more laughs. I often think it might be a clue as to what the children of the owners of the two faces would look like; when I tried it with my wife, however, the result was a bearded woman fit for a circus sideshow.



This app allows you to take a photo of your face and “fatify” it. The result is a fatter you! A few surprise sounds cause snickers, and a small animation component also adds to the experience.



This app, part of the “-ify” family of apps, allows you to place different mustaches on your face. Payment is required for more exuberant whiskers, but I declined them.

Other “-ify” apps

I haven’t tried these as they are not all free, but they include Oldify, which makes you look older, Browify, which gives you some deepened brow lines and Baldify, which… makes you look bald!

beauty checker

Beauty checker

With this app, you take a face photo and get a “beauty” score. I don’t know how well it works since I keep getting a score of zero… the dog also got a zero. Thankfully, my daughter scored significantly better!

Boost your beauty

This app is one of thousands of more serious apps that cosmetic plastic surgeons are now having made for them as a form of advertisement.  This one is for Allure med spa- an outfit that hires surgeons ( not sure if they are plastic surgeons) to perform cosmetic surgery. This one got a write-up in a magazine. You can check it out here: Boost your beauty

There are many of these types of apps, which allow you to change facial features and get before and after photos. I have found that they all require more than the tip of my finger to get right and are not so easy to manipulate. The results of the before and after photos are also not as useful as you might hope, since real surgery is not quite as easy or predictable as moving pixels around on a computer screen!

In conclusion, I would use these apps strictly for fun. Put your face up there and have a good laugh. The best source for seeing real cosmetic plastic surgery results is to look at your cosmetic plastic surgeon’s website!

If you know of any other fun apps, won’t you be kind enough to share them?


Morad Tavallali, M.D., FACS