What to expect?

How is the chin augmentation performed?

Chin enlargement surgery is performed by lifting the skin of the chin through an  incision under the chin and placing a silicone implant over the chin bone. There are several different types of silicone implants of different shapes that can be used.

How long does a chin surgery take?

Typically, the procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure and takes between 1-2 hours depending on the number of ancillary procedures performed. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

Is the procedure painful?

There is minimal pain associated with the procedure, and any discomfort is controlled well by oral pain medication.

How long will the effects of the surgery last?

Typically, the results of the surgery last forever. The implant can move over time but that is rare. If that happens it may need to be removed or replaced.

How long before I recover from the surgery?

Patients recover from the initial effects of the surgery within three days. There will, however, be swelling, discoloration, and restricted activity for at least 5-7 days. By the 2nd week, patients can resume their normal lifestyles.

What alternatives are there?

Facial peels, fat injections and liposuction, and the use of laser resurfacing are some of the other techniques that can be used to improve facial appearance. However, they all have limitations, and their best uses are as ancillary procedures to surgical facelifts. Although improvements can be expected with their use as single procedures, the patient with truly sagging skin will not benefit from these interventions alone.

How much does chin augmentation cost?

For pricing ranges, please take a look at our prices page.

What is a Chin Surgery ?

Chin surgery is a procedure performed to improve the height and profile of the chin in order to give a more youthful appearance, and a stronger jaw line, by placement of a silastic impalnt under the skin of the jaw.

Surgery in Office

The chin surgery can be performed under local anesthesia in our office and takes 1-2 hours.


You may need to have someone stay with you the night after chin surgery and can usually resume work in 1-3 days. You will have a dressing for 5-7 days.The cost of a chin surgery includes the operating room fee and all of your follow-up visits.

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