How to take your vacation body and face photos

There are a number of tricks to make sure you get the best possible photos during your vacation. Photographers always talk about the camera adding 10 pounds to your face and body, and that is a cruel fact when recording something for posterity.

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 How to take face photos

  •  Take photos with the left side of the face toward the camera. For over 90% of people, the left side of the face is more flattering.
  • Turn three quarters of your face toward the camera. This the chance of both ears being seen—something you don’t want if you have big ears!
  • Turn your chin up to reduce the chances of looking like you have a double chin.
  • If you have a bigger nose, have the photo taken from a slightly lower angle to reduce its size; if you have a small nose, have it taken from slightly above so it appears longer.
  • For a glamor shot, have the photo taken from above, tilt your head down and look up.  You look more interesting and appealing when changing the angles of the face, eyes and photographer.
  • To have a natural-looking smile, breathe in and smile while breathing out.
  • Don’t take a photograph in direct midday sun.  The midday sun throws unflattering and harsh shadows. Squinting has ruined many a great photo. Early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky, will give you better results.
  • Put on heavier makeup than usual, as the camera will pale your skin. The same thing holds for being in front of video cameras.

How to take body photos

  • Always turn your body at an angle to the camera so you are not facing the camera completely from the front. In oblique views, you will appear slimmer and lose those 10 pounds! To get into pose, put one foot behind the other at 90 degrees and put your weight on your back foot.
  • Have the photographer take the shot from above if you have a bigger body to reduce its apparent size in relation to your face.
  • Keep your arms away from your body for a slimmer look and to break up your body mass.
  • Wear clothing that is of  one color and with small patterns. With large patterns you appear bigger (read: fat).
  • High-waisted trousers will make you appear taller, but pleated pants or skirts will make you look fat.
  • Do not wear trendy clothes for your photo shoot unless you want to remember the year without having to use the date feature on the camera. Bell-bottom pants can only mean the late 60s to 70s.

Now  you are ready for your vacation, but having to remember all of this may be too much like hard work.

Have fun!

Morad Tavallali, M.D., FACS

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