Tummy tuck incision closure

As I have previously reported, for several months I have been using the Prineo wound closure technique for my plastic surgery abdominoplasty patients. Here is the link to the previous article:
This technique is based on:
  1. Closure of the subcutaneous tissue with sutures
  2. Closure of the deeper skin level with sutures
  3. Closure of the superficial skin with Prineo tape/Dermabond Glue system.
Observations on abdominoplasty wound closure
In short, I have adopted the Prineo system of wound closure in most patients for several reasons. I do not use the system for patients who have thicker abdominal walls. The tape is just not sticky enough to deal with the undulations at the skin surface in patients with a thicker abdominal wall.

Advantages of the Prineo system

  1. The incision is closed rapidly and easily by application of the tape and Dermabond.
  2. No need for sutures to be placed or removed or for the body to dissolve sutures, causing less skin reaction.
  3. Waterproof and bacteria-proof closure and dressing all in one. Like a “fiberglass” covering of the incision.
  4. No need for cosmetic patients to change dressings, apply ointments, etc. as part of post-operative care.
  5. Excellent cosmetic result of scar.
  6. Less pain for patients because there is no need for suture removal or dressing changes.
Disadvantages of Prineo wound closure
  1.  Cost added to surgery; this is offset by a lack of need for sutures, dressings and ointments during surgery as well as during the recovery period.
I should add that I have not received any royalties or compensation for my evaluation of this product and am not a hired gun of the manufacturer. The company representative did, however, provide the materials needed for the first three patients free of charge to me and my patients.
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