This is instructions on abdominoplasty after care part 2.

4. Do not use heat on your belly

A tummy tuck will by necessity cut some of the nerves of the lower abdomen, and before they have a chance to grow back in 2-3 years, the lower abdomen will become numb. You will not feel heat or cold as before, and placing a heating pad or hot towel on the affected area will cause a burn that can be devastating to your results. Use only ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

5. Keep clean

Infection usually sets in 5-7 days after surgery. For 2-3 days after surgery you have your bandages on and cannot clean yourself; this allows bacteria on your skin to multiply. It is therefore important to shower with soap and water as soon as the bandages are taken off to reduce the bacterial count on your skin. No baths—just showers. You will also feel better!

6. Food

Many patients report not feeling hungry or feeling full quickly  for a week or two after abdominoplasty. Since the surgery tightens the abdomen, this is to be expected. It is important to drink fluids after surgery and then take small, frequent, light meals to decrease bloating and that full feeling. High-protein foods are best (meat, fish, eggs, dairy). Beware of food that constipates you (rice, bananas, starch), as the pain medication will already do that and everything will become much worse! Do not drink carbonated beverages; they will give you bloating you do not need.

7. Wound care

Apply antibiotic ointment to the scar of the abdomen and belly button for the first week or so after surgery. Once all wounds are closed you should apply silicone-based creams daily to get the best scars possible.

8. Medications

I usually prescribe two types of medication for my abdominoplasty after care: a narcotic to help with the pain and a muscle relaxant like Valium to… help with the pain (Valium helps with the cramping pain of the muscles that go into spasm). Alternate between the two medications every three hours to have a smooth, pain-free recovery.

Following the instructions given by your cosmetic plastic surgeon will help you achieve a faster recovery. Each surgeon has his or her own experiences and treatment preferences. Do what they say.

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