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A husband meets cosmetic surgery

My wife told me she wanted plastic surgery. I didn’t understand why. To me she is a beautiful woman. But as we talked I came to realize that it wasn’t enough for me to think that she was beautiful. It was important that she thinks she is beautiful.

Husbands – let me tell you – all the flattery in the world will not satisfy a woman who is dissatisfied with her appearance. Beauty may be in the eye of the holder, but it is also in the head of the bearer. I mean that beauty isn’t just looks; it is the confidence that comes from a positive self image.

So off she went to see Dr. Tavallali.

Your wife will benefit twice from cosmetic work. She will be physically improved and psychically content. She will glow from within as she sports her better looks.

As we age we all discover that nature plays some cruel tricks. It might be that no matter how hard you exercise and how well you eat you can’t get rid of the love handles. Perhaps the woman in your life has 10% body fat, but still has cellulite or maybe gravity has started to ‘weigh’ things down.

She has had your children and that takes a toll. Why not give something back. After all it’s not just for her.

You want a great house, with a sophisticated car in front. You want your children to reflect well on you. Why wouldn’t you want your wife to look her best? Remember the better she looks the better you look. Make the other husbands jealous.

I am the real husband of an actual patient. When your wife tells you she wants ‘stuff done’ surprise her with an appointment with Dr. Tavallali.

by Payton  Griffin


Mr. Griffin is an old Etonian friend of mine with a lifetime’s experience and wisdom in just over half of one.

Morad Tavallali, M.D., FACS


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