Bad Plastic Surgery

Bad Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery done wrong


I just had to post this letter I received today from the Virginia Plastic Surgery Society. Make sure you follow the links provided and see the news articles about untrained doctors performing plastic surgery on unknowing patients. It is an outrage that such people are still allowed to practice medicine.

You be the judge, and please write to Dr. Harp at the address below.

Dear Dr. Tavallali,

About two years ago the VASPS was contacted by a member practicing in Salem, Virginia and told about a local family practitioner who was performing outpatient cosmetic surgery in his office.  Soon afterwards the VASPS filed a complaint with the Board of Medicine, and began the process of trying to change the regulations controlling outpatient surgery in Virginia.  While the latter effort is continuing, the Board did finally hold its disciplinary meeting and decided to reprimand the family practitioner.  The decision is not yet posted on the Board of Medicine website, but a recent news article about the event is available through the following link:,0,5985618.story

A link to the Board of Medicine order is available through the story.  This shows that the “cosmetic surgeon”, Dr. Greg Alouf, has been reprimanded, but remains in practice.  He is “restricted from performing full incisional facial and body contouring procedures, including, but not limited to, facelifts, lipoabdominoplasties, and breast augmentations.”  It is not clear that he is prohibited from outpatient cosmetic surgery.  A review of his profile on the Board of Medicine website shows that Dr. Alouf was reprimanded for a drug issue on Feb. 10. 2009.  Click on the Additional Public Information at this link:

Thus, over the past 14 months the Board of Medicine has twice issued reprimands for inadequately trained doctors performing outpatient cosmetic surgery.  In both cases, this was the second reprimand for the surgeon involved.  In the opinion of most (if not all!) plastic surgeons I know,  this action is insufficient to protect the public.  I think the Board action took too long, and does not entirely prevent the doctors from performing outpatient cosmetic surgery they are not properly trained to perform.  In addition, they are not prohibited from teaching or lecturing about the procedures they are prohibited from performing.  Additional cases are coming, and we feel the Board needs additional tools to protect the public in the future. These tools could be acquired on February 17th if the Board decides to adopt the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on Outpatient Surgery.

If you agree, please send a letter or email to:

Dr. Harp, Executive Director of the Board of Medicine

Virginia Board of Medicine

Perimeter Center

9960 Mayland Drive  Suite 300

Henrico, Virginia 23233

He can be reached by email at:

Feel free to cut and paste from this email if you wish.


Lewis T. Ladocsi M.D., F.A.C.S.

President, The Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons


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