For many of us overexposure to the sun may have caused "solar lentigos" or more commonly "brown spots or age spots" on the hands, face and neck or virtually anywhere on the body that over the years may have been exposed repeatedly to the sun. The experts at PLC of Fairfax have several FDA approved devices to remove these unwanted spots so that you can once again obtain younger looking skin.

Because of our vast array of lasers we have two methods of removing brown spots. The first and more invasive procedure use the Palomar Q-YAG laser. This laser targets each individual spot and causes the pigment to turn white and then slowly slough off of the skin leaving healthy normal colored skin in its place. The second intense treatment uses our Syneron IPL unit. This light based device requires multiple treatments but does not have the noticeable after-effects of the Q:YAG. Instead the Syneron cause the pigmented spots to darken and the peel off the skin similar to a scab from a scratch. Both treatments are very effective at eliminating unwanted sun-damage.


What kind of pigmented lesions can I have removed?

We are able to treat a wide range of lesions from freckles to sunspots and many birthmarks. The only spots we cannot remove are moles. Dr. Tavallali can remove these by surgical excision in the office.


Since the laser selectively targets the undesired pigment the rest of the area remains largely unaffected. Therefore patients typically report little if any discomfort for both types of procedures. Topical anesthesia is available if necessary but most patients do not require it.


After treatment for the Q:YAG treatment, the skin with turn white where the brown spots are treated. After roughly 30 minutes the white will be replaced by a red and raw looking area that will form a scab over the next few days. Once the scab falls off the skin underneath will be the same color as the rest of normal healthy skin. For the Syneron treatment, the skin will be red and slightly swollen at first. This will subside in a few hours but can last up to a day. The brown spots treated will darken over the next week and slowly fall off in the shower or during normal activity.