Juvederm Virginia Cosmetic Plastic



    The original techniques for arm lifts involved excision of the skin along the vertical axis of the arm: from armpit to the elbow on the underside of the arm.This surgery left the patient with a long and visible scar in the back of the arms that precluded the whole reason for the surgery; wanting to wear short sleeve shirts and dresses! I performed a few of these surgeries early in my career and then abandoned the procedure. The scars are ugly, visible, and I personally thought it was not worth it! It amazes me that many surgeons still use this old technique and are immune to the negatives of the procedure.


    A “new” technique was developed which I have been using since 1999. Now, after liposuction, the excess of the skin is pulled into the armpit and excised through a horizontal scar in that area in the shape of an ellipse. The scar essentially follows the seam of a coat where the arm joins the body.   Although the technique is limited by a decrease in the amount of skin that can be removed compared to the vertical method, the results are more natural and you can actually wear a short sleeved shirt again without having to worry about your scars becoming conversation topics!


    The healing period is about two weeks initially for the scar to heal and then about two months for gradual stretching of the armpit scar and regaining full range of motion. With time the scar color will disappear.

An added benefit of this technique is that a certain amount of the hair bearing skin of the armpit is removed and there is less need for shaving!